today is a special day

Today, Monday October 8th, is a special day.
Over at Facing 50 With Humour, Carol E Wyer is celebrating the Thornberry Publishing release of her new book, "Surfing In Stilettos".

She's launching a little blog party with virtual champagne, (which is the best kind because there's no calories and no hangover), and would like us to post a photo of our best stilettos, or whatever it is we wear while surfing the net.

I don't own a pair of stilettos, never have, so I'll be wearing my comfy old slippers as I surf on over to Carol's.

Won't you join us?

Edited to add:- I am not here today. I have put on my party shoes and can be found at the fabulous Surfing in Stiletto party at
Come and join me for some fantastic prizes, surprises and desirable shoes. 


  1. Oh my..surfing in stilettoes.....I couldn't even walk in them. I'll do all my surfing in my sock feet thanks.

  2. Now then, where did I leave my stilettos? I shall check out the link and grab my surfing sandals :)

  3. Delores; me too, unless I get cold and then the furry slippers get added.

    klahanie; I had the wrong link, but it's been corrected now.

  4. Stilettoes are not a happening thing here either. Bare feet. Which I will not post photos of.
    I am very happy for your friend.

  5. Elephant's Child; the internet will never see photos of my bare feet either.

  6. I need those right now. Experiencing our first early freeze in Oklahoma!

  7. I want those slippers! My feet are frozen. These look lovely and warm.
    Thanks so much for being part of today River. I'll post all the winners up tomorrow. In the meantime I am tweeting this post. xx

  8. oooohhhh they look warm, would pinch them if I could get me hands on them...enjoy party lol

  9. What's so great about them booties, everyone is supplied a pair when they move into the Housing Commission.

  10. Suzy Turner; welcome to Drifting. They are very comfy and washable too.

    Sha-Rhonda@the 4-Crow's; welcome to Drifting. I've heard it's cooling down over there. Here downunder, we're warming up. I had to get out my atlas and look up Oklahoma, I thought it was more to the middle, but that's Colorado.

    Carol E Wyer; they are warm especially with a pair of socks as well. You're tweeting me? How lovely.

    The Wicked Writer; it's a good thing we live so far apart, my slippers are safe.

    R.H. what? free slippers? No. We buy our own slippers at the end of winter sales. These are three years old already.

  11. aye it is, and it's even better now that I have a new pair of wolf / bear feet to keep my toes warm...must take a pic and post it.


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