Sunday Selections #93

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

Begun almost two years ago by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase photos that you may have forgotten were in your files.
Now continued by me, River and The Elephant's Child. 
New photos are also acceptable.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to me somewhere in your post
3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined us, and we can hop over to see what you've posted.

I usually have a theme to my Sunday Selections and this week I have more photos of the gardens surrounding the flats I live in.

Three potted Cyclamens for Andrew, who sadly had to part with his own Cyclamen recently.

Daisies for everyone!
Have you ever looked closely at a daisy centre? Enlarge that last one and see the tiny rings of flowerets within the larger petals.

 Another one of the rose beds, this one is now in full bloom.

 One of many paths bordered by flowers and trees.

These last four are views of  a pretty cottage style garden that flows from the flat right down to the footpath.


  1. Oooh. How right you were. I do love them. Thank you so much. For me, a garden is a big part of what makes a house a home.

  2. Bonza photos especially the cottage style garden which sadly are few and far between these days.

  3. nice to see that somewhere on the planet there are flowers and sunlight.

  4. Fear not. I am not grieving for the late cyclamen, but concerned about the new petunia seedlings. All is well so far. Funny that you mentioned me when I have done my first Sunday Selections post, scheduled for 4pm my time.

  5. Absolutely beautiful gardens and flowers!

  6. Elephant's Child; I knew you would, I took them with you in mind.

    Windsmoke; Adelaide has quite a few cottage gardens, I've seen them in every suburb I've lived in.

    Delores; Australia always has flowers and sunlight, even in our winter.

    Andrew; Petunias need sunlight, are they getting sunlight? And don't overwater. Get one of those thingys from a nursery that you put into the pot and it changes colour when the soil becomes dry and needs water.
    I'm glad you've joined us for Sunday Selections.

    Cindi Summerlin; welcome to drifting. The grounds around these blocks of flats are well established with flower beds and trees, many of the tenants have lived here for a long, long, time. None of the buildings are higher than two storeys and even some of the upper flats have balconies full of plants.

  7. I am envious but at least the garden is green at the moment. I should be out planting the tomatoes but I prefer to look at your lovely flowers.

  8. JahTeh; green is better than dead. Those flowers are beautiful aren't they? I love walking past that garden. Plant the tomatoes next week.

  9. Theres a lot of work in a garden like that...

  10. Tempo; it isn't a huge garden and most of the plants are perennials so they just keep blooming year after year. They're also closely planted so the weeds don't get a chance. I'd say it was established many years ago, then the owners just had to sit back and wait as it all grew together.

  11. Such gorgeous photos. I am a big believer in lots of plants so little chance for weeds...

  12. Hi River,

    Such a resplendent visual feast of colour.

    An oasis of colour amongst the concrete. Thank you, River.

    In kindness, Gary

  13. Loving these gorgeous blooms! I stocked up plants for the garden on the weekend, can't wait for my garden to burst in blooms soon

    PS: I'd like to invite to join the Bosisto's giveaway at my blog, I have 4 lavender packs up for grabs here:

  14. Beautiful! Really loving the daisies. I'm embarking on a re-establishment of some of the indigenous natives into the garden. There are some truly amazing Australian wildflowers and grasses, it's fun. What would be more fun is if they actually made it to the point of flowering.... One day. Soon.

  15. I love the daisy photos! Never noticed the flowerets in the centre until you pointed them out. There used to have a fantastic cottage a block away fr my house but the lady died and now the weed had taken over. Sigh, such is life.

  16. River, these are all really, really beautiful photos!

    I'll take the daisy one (with the floweret centre) as a large poster, please. :)

  17. A Farmer's Wife; so cottage gardens would be perfect for you.

    klahanie; there are many such garden beds throughout the complex. It truly is a pretty place to live.

    trishie; welcome to drifting. I'll come over and have a look at your blog later.

    Being Me; diasies in all colours around here! The garden beds closest to my flat are full of native grasses. Prickly as hell and not at all pretty.

    drb; such a shame to see a garden overgrown with weeds. But the "bones" of the garden will still be there, so hopefully someone will buy the house and revive the garden.

    Kath Lockett; thank you. You're welcome to take the daisy and print it.

  18. Loving that cottage-style garden...


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