wandering on home

After leaving the Bark in the Park area, I walked across the parklands and through the olive grove towards home.
On a bare patch of ground I saw something that surprised me.

Two water runoffs leading into a "Y".

In one of them eroded earth was exposing shells usually found on a beach.

See the white bits embedded in the soil?

Here's a closer look->

I don't suppose this is a sacred camping place of any kind, but I did wonder how the shells got to be so far away from the beach.
Perhaps left behind by long ago picnickers?
Scooped up with earth and used as landfill for the area?
Who knows?
It's right on the southern edge of the olive groves.


  1. It would be interesting to know the reason for that.

  2. My granddaughters would offer to google it for us.

  3. How amazing. It would indeed be interesting to find out. Landfill would be my guess - but that is all it ia.

  4. Generally, if the shells are all of edible type it's likely they are a midden from long ago. Shh, dont tell anyone or it might end up a sacred site... ;-)

  5. Delores; possibly it's a midden from long ago, like tempo suggests, but more likely landfill. Although so many shells in one spot seems odd for landfill.

    Joanne; I'm not sure google would be much help without knowing the history of the area and the exact location.

    Elephant's Child; landfill was my first thought, but maybe tempo has it right. An old midden getting exposed.

    Tempo; you may be right. I certainly hope it DOESN'T become a sacred site, I'd miss wandering through the olive groves.

  6. It might just be the floor of an ancient sea bed! Or is that too simple an explanation??!!

  7. Red Nomad; another possibility, but the erosion is quite shallow. An ancient seabed would surely be more deeply buried?

  8. Quite an intriguing discovery... if you look at the close-up shell (5th from top) it almost looks like skeletal fingers but glad it was only a shell!

  9. Posts like these from you make compels me to "stop and smell the roses" more often.


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