Last Tuesday.....

....I was lucky enough to spend a few hours of my day with the lovely Kim, of Frog Ponds Rock fame.

Kim had been in Adelaide for the Ceramics Trienale and had a day to spare, so I met her at her hotel and we wandered off to see a bit of Adelaide.

We walked through side streets and back streets to our Central Market, which I knew she had been wanting to have a look at it.

Along the way Kim ooh'ed and aah'ed a bit at the wonderful old buildings Adelaide has, in particular the textures and colours of the big old sandstone and bluestone blocks they are built with.

We noticed a few stalls already in the process of upgrading, the whole market is being smartened up to make it cleaner, more streamlined, and possibly more acceptable to the tourist trade.
I hope it doesn't lose the unique atmosphere that has been known far and wide for decades.

I introduced Kim to my favourite place for coffee, Lucia's, and we sat for a while, people watching while we had cappucinos.

Lucia's pizza and spaghetti bar.  
This was a regular stopping point of mine while shopping at the market years ago, when I still had four kids depending on me for food.

Here is the lovely Kim, tweeting her experience.
While we sat there, waiting for our cappucinos, Kim spotted a chocolate fountain behind me.

So of course I had to take a photo.  Yum!

After wandering the market for a while, we walked back towards the city along our main street:
 King William Street.
I pointed out our Victoria Square fountain, which wasn't in operation, possibly undergoing a cleaning or some repair work. I thought I had a photo of it somewhere, apparently not.
That shall be remedied toot sweet!
 I also pointed out our Town Hall, a magnificent structure, which I have also never yet photographed. 
I really must take some photos of it, it's a beautiful building.

Kim remarked that many of the buildings reminded her of Hobart, and I've promised myself that I will get down there one day and have a look around.
But not in the winter. I like cold weather, but Tasmania is too cold.

We walked though a few of Adelaide's many food halls, deciding what to have for lunch,

finally settling on a place where Kim had sushi, while I had a  nori roll. 
I'm not yet game enough to try raw fish, no matter how prettily it is presented.
I'll get there.....just not right now.

While walking through Rundle Mall, Kim spotted our famous bronze pigs, which she had previously only seen here on my blog, and the sliding girl statue.

When I first met with Kim at her hotel, she gave me a gift. A very pretty, handmade by Kim, cup that I had admired very much on her blog...

This is a favourite piece because the blue streaks remind me of rivers, which I love, and the "branches" design reminds me of trees, which I also love.

The inside is glazed a lovely deep blue, just like the oceans.

it is even signed on the base!!

A sweet little bonus was this dish in matching blue glaze.

Both of these pieces are now on my desk where I can admire them every day for the forseeable future.
Thank you, Kim. 

And thank you for a lovely day.


  1. What a beautiful cup and dish, sounds like you had a fantastic day.

  2. Sounds like a good day. I liked the Market very much. I don't think it needed changing.

  3. I am both so happy and so jealous that you got to meet Kim. She is such an inspiring person and her ceramics are beyond beautiful. The cup and the dish she gave you are just wonderful.

  4. I was hoping for a picture of the two of you together! Awesome ceramics, VERY beautiful...

  5. The Wicked Writer; we had fantastic weather too. The cup and dish are beautiful to look at and to hold.

    Andrew; I wish I had more "before" or old photos of the market so I can compare with the "new and improved" version. I don't think they're changing so much as spiffying it up, streamlining booths and stalls etc.

    Elephant's Child; Kim is a lovely, lovely person and her ceramics mean more to me than the thousands of exactly alike things available in stores.

    R.H. we had a perfect day.

    Jennifer Kay; one of us had to be behind the camera. I didn't think to ask a passer-by to take a photo of us. Kim took one of me and I think it is somewhere out on twitter or facebook.

    Kimmie; it was a lovely day with a lovely person.

  6. A great day! We have a market not too far away in Cleveland, the West Side Market. It has been there forever. Way older than me. It was completely renovated several years ago, and is better than ever. I'm sure you will see the same at your Central Market. Same vendors, much nicer market for them to work from.

  7. I too,am pleased for you both and jealous at the same time.

    Sounds like you both had a lovely day

  8. WOW! Some of my very fave people actually have met each other! SO glad you got to visit!! :)

  9. Joanne Noragon; most of the stalls will still be there, however one has already been moved out by the market council because they didn't follow the rules, didn't play nice with others. I'll go back again in a few weeks or months and see how different it might look by then.

    peskypixies; it was a really lovely day. I'm going to remember it forever.

    Happy Elf Mom; I hope that you get to meet and visit with some of your internet friends too one day.

  10. How wonderful that you got to meet a blogging friend. I love the buildings in Adelaide as well, and have taken quite a few photos of the gorgeous buildings when we have visited. Thanks for sharing these great photos. xxx

  11. It was a lovely day River, I enjoyed spending the day with you VERY MUCH. I am so pleased you liked the pots. xxx

  12. Kakka; Adelaide has so many wonderful old buildings, often sandwiched in between modern blank-faced office blocks.

    Kim; it was fun, and I felt comfortable, even though I did babble on a bit as I do when I'm nervous, then lapse into "what do I say now" silence. The cup and dish are very much treasured.


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