There's an unusual flower developing in the garden

Up near the front of the flats, there is a clump of leaves resembling aloe.
Really big leaves. A large plant.

Yesterday, I noticed the flower head developing from the centre on a long thick stalk.

Expand the photo, then tell me.....does that flower head vaguely resemble a dragon? With two tiny arms just below it?  It's what I saw when I first looked at it.

here is a side view.

there are similar, smaller heads growing around the plant, from the base.

This is one of the unopened flower heads.

the lower end of the big stalk has smaller flowers also.

it looks a little like a banana plant from this view, with the unfolding leaves showing the developing bananas. Of course this isn't bananas, I've grown those and know what a banana palm looks like.

looking directly into the face of the "dragon", which doesn't look at all like a dragon from this close.

I don't have a clue what this is, but I think I'll take another photo or two as it develops further.
It's certainly an interesting plant.


  1. I'll be interested to see what it is.

  2. It does look a bit dragon- ish. It will be interesting to see how it looks all open...

  3. It looks a bit like an Oriental lilium. I will be fascinated to see what the flowers look like when they open. Sadly, if it is what I think it might be, it will upset your delicate nose and sinuses. Probably badly. Fingers crossed I wam wrong.

  4. It's a Triffid, don't watch any meteor showers.

  5. Delores; me too. I'm surprised I didn't notice it last year.

    One Too Many; I like dragons, so this intrigued me.

    Elephant's Child; Do oriental liliums grow from a huge leaf base that looks like aloe vera? if yes, then I am going to be in trouble when it blooms. I may have to get around in a "Michael Jackson" mask.

    JahTeh, Triffid, ha ha. I don't think there are any meteor showers this time of year. but I'll beware just in case. Aren't triffids more like "Audrey" in The Little Shop of Horrors?

  6. Looks very interesting!

  7. Ive got no idea.. but if you email photos to the SA Museum they will tell you what it is.

  8. Yeah, it looks a little lion-y/dragon-y to me, but not a clue what it is. It's really cool looking.

    Wow, just checked out your Sunday photos too. I did a little stenciling back in England, but that must have taken you forever to cover entire walls!

  9. Hi River,

    Watch out if it starts moving around.

    I agree with Jah Teh - looks a bit too much like a triffid for my liking.

    You have some monstrously dangerous creatures down there - why not plants?




  10. That is so fascinating and a horticulturalist could put a name to it for sure if you took a pic along. One can't help wondering how big it will be eventually. I remember the first time our agave flowered. It grew and grew and grew until well over 10ft long.

  11. peskypixies; yes, very interesting. I've been watching to see if anything more opens on it, but nothing so far.

    Tempo; I might just take photos in, that way I can wander around and see more stuff. I haven't been to the museum in a while.

    CarrieBoo; I was wondering if anyone else would see the dragon. The stencils in the previous post weren't my work! I would never do such an ugly thing. The walls were like that when we moved in.

    Plasman; I'll keep an eye on it for sure.

    Mimsie; It's already very big, as tall as me, with the flower stalk added, but it appears to be top-heavy so leans to the side.


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