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Many years ago, when they were first released, I bought the boxed CD set of Beatles albums.

Years later, after noticing that my youngest son J was borrowing them quite often, I gave the set to him.
He took the box to work with him, but just recently I asked to borrow it, so here it is, in my home.

It's a little battered after all these years, but still holding up well.
Have a look....

 Sixteen CDs, including the double White album.

Here's half.....

...and the other half.

I don't like every song the Beatles have produced, but there's enough in here to satisfactorily add to my I-tunes and from there to my I-pod.


  1. Terrific collection....I used to have a lot of Beatles vinyl.

  2. Absolutely!

    ....all we've got is their best of in a double red and double blue CD cover, but Sapphire has discovered them too, which is pretty nice!

  3. And there are many more that I do like than the opposite. Which ones don't you like?

  4. Delores; my sister is a huge Beatles fan and has every record they ever put out, plus magazine articles.

    Kath Lockett; I didn't know they had a best of, but of course they would. Everyone does that. I'm sure Sapphire will enjoy the songs as much as we did. And still do.

    Elephant's Child; I used to like only a few, but I'm going to listen to the lot and see if anything else appeals to me now that I'm older.

  5. Wow! That's gotta be priceless to any Beatles fan. Jealous.

  6. Leenie; the set is available now at Amazon.

  7. How awesome are the Beatles right? I am yet to introduce Anya to their songs as the little girl is currently obsessed with another band (One Direction).

  8. Joni Ibarra; they're not as awesome as I remember. I was never as big a fan as some people I knew, although I did enjoy their music. I wasn't one of those who swooned and cried with every song.


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