Whimsical Wednesday #44

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle to help you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Today, I introduce you to--->

The Marmalade Cat

(aka McCavity from CATS).


  1. That is so cool! You're making my week go faster... it's hump day already. :O :)

  2. the cheshire cat it's adorable. We had a stray around here one year that we named marmalade.

  3. CarrieBoo; I like it when my work week speeds by, I just wish the days off went slower.

    Delores; I've had two ginger cats in my lifetime. I think it might be time for another one.

  4. I always wanted a ginger, but my two black and white, and white and black (I kid you not) are enough for now. Love the pic.

  5. The Wicked Writer; I agree two cats at once is plenty. I usually have one, mostly grey and black tabbies. I haven't had a cat now since 1993, but my daughter had two (one has since died) so I got my snuggles at her home. I'm planning on getting a kitty from the animal rescue place when I retire in a few years.

    Windsmoke; yes, he does, I hadn't noticed that.

    Elephant's Child; you're welcome.

  6. Very cool, seems so simple but I cant think of stuff like this

  7. He's terrific - oranges are my favourite fruit (I start my day with one every morning) and cats come a close second to dogs in my love charts.....

  8. Tempo; me either, but I'm glad others out there can, so that we can enjoy them.

    Kath Lockett; I love ginger cats, but don't like oranges. They hurt my teeth and give me hives.

  9. oh dear sorry about the hives effect - it's the Vit C of course - are you OK with strawberries? they give me hives. high Vit C.

    Thanks for the kitty picture though it's really cute and clever - aren't people amazing? X X


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