there's something new at Coles

Today I'm going to the dentist.
Painful for me, not at all interesting for all of you out there.

So I'll tell you about the last couple of days instead.

Instore, we have a new range of breads. 
Stone baked sour dough loaves, in a variety of shapes and flavours. 

At the front of the store is a table with baskets of these loaves and a few covered trays with cut samples for people to try.

I tried the fruit and walnut bread and liked it so much I bought a loaf on the way home.

I ripped into it, then had to tape the label back together for the photo.

It's a nice round little loaf, not too big, not too small.
Well, maybe a bit too big, but I can freeze half.

The crust is beautifully crunchy, crusty you might say, while the bread is soft and look at all those yummy walnuts. Slathered with real butter, (not that margarine you see on the side), this is a lovely snack with a cup of coffee.

Further news from Adelaide....we've gone back to winter weather here. Cold, windy, raining.
I'm wearing the big old ski jacket to work again and this morning it was so cold I wished I'd worn my gloves.
On the weather report tonight, I heard it had actually been snowing up in the hills.
In the middle of spring!!
After a week or two of weather so warm people were getting around in shorts and t-shirts.
Mother Nature, what are you up to?


  1. Coles raisin bread was good. Suddenly they've stopped making it. What's going on? I bought a Coles walnut carrot cake, $5.85. Wasn't bad.
    Freezing here too. I wore my leather jacket yesterday, the girls at K-Mart passed out, thought I was Tom Cruise.

  2. Mother nature is trying to confuse us. We are threatened with wet snow tonight but by Sunday we are to expect 18 degrees. What?????

  3. We've got wind, rain and 50 degrees here in Michigan and I thought we had it bad! Your bread looks FANTASTIC...

  4. 11 degrees here and I so want a slice of that bread. I actually think I would take fresh baked bread like this over chocolate and with real butter. I think I just put on 2kgs.

  5. I love sour dough bread and will have to check that out - thanks for the heads up.
    It is cold, damp and windy here too. I would not be surprised if we get sleet either.

  6. ...and here in supposedly cold Switzerland it's a balmy 17C in late autumn!

    I *love* any kind of bread with walnuts in it. Instant meal and happiness.

  7. R.H. we still have Coles Raisin bread, but I'll check and see if we're phasing it out. The carrot walnut cake is pretty good. I don't believe anyone would mistake you for Tom Cruise. Aren't you taller?

    Delores; mother nature needs to get her act together and having said that she'll probably get her revenge by raining all over my washing!

    Jennifer Kay; wind, rain and 50 degrees I can probably handle. Wind, rain and 4C is too bl***y cold!

    JahTeh; I agree, fresh baked bread with real butter is better than chocolate.

    Elephant's Child; I tried sourdough bread once before, a few years ago and a different brand, it was awful! So I was surprised after tasting this fruit and walnut loaf to find it was sourdough.

    Kath Lockett; I love walnuts in just about anything. I've even been known to crush a few and add them to my yoghurt.
    17C is a lovely temperature if you can find a spot in the sun out of the wind.

  8. I'm taller but I hunch down. K-Mart girls are fragile anyway, hand them y-fronts and they pass out.

  9. Well my skinhead haircut got them doubtful.
    I said it was for my next movie: Ripper Stripper.

  10. Enjoy yourselves, it's always late.

  11. R.H. "ripper stripper"? oh dear god, that had me laughing!

  12. I'm off to Coles (Marion) on Thursday because they have my favourite yoghurt from the US now; Chobani Greek yoghurt. I'll check and see if they have that walnut loaf, I'm a sucker for nuts in bread.


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