I'd had enough

Do you all remember the scarf I started knitting?

it started out well,

and was going to be super, super long.

Well, that didn't quite work out.
I picked it up last Saturday, finished the second ball of wool, and started the third. I knitted about forty rows and suddenly decided I'd had enough. It was already longer than any other scarf I owned.

Did I really need it to be "Tom Baker-Dr Who" long?  I am only five feet tall after all, I might look a bit silly with a couple of metres of scarf floating along behind me, besides, I'd had enough of knitting for now.

so I cast off the stitches, added some fringing, and hung it up on the rack with all the other scarves.

There they are. They'll come in very handy next winter when our winds seem to be coming straight off the South pole and aiming at our necks!

Here you can see how long it is, not even fitting in the photo, it's slightly longer than the pinky purple one on the right.
Now I have almost a full ball of wool left over, so I've downloaded a few basic beanie patterns and when the urge to knit comes again, I'll try one of those.


  1. Nice job and I love the tweedy effect.

  2. Delores; I've only just put this up and here you are already! I think it will look very nice with a matching beanie. Certainly it will keep chilly winds from my neck. I don't understand people who get about in winter with the chest and throat exposed, then complain about how cold they are.

  3. I like the colour combinations in the scarf.

  4. Glad it didn't get away from you; lovely to look at.

  5. It looks gorgeous, River and here's me just getting my scarves out now that it's truly started getting cold here in Geneva.... Top job you've done!

  6. O' to share thy scarf
    Half and half
    Skip through Coles
    Laugh and laugh.


  7. I suspect all scarves are always just as long as the maker could stand doing it...

  8. It looks lovely and, as a non knitter, I do think you are clever.

  9. Andrew; it isn't a colour I would choose on my own, my daughter gave me the first ball of yarn and I liked the way it looked as the scarf grew.

    Joanne Noragon; I think it will be great when I get around to knitting a matching beanie.

    Kath Lockett; I hope you all have plenty of lovely thick scarves, I hear it's cold over there in the winter.

    Lord Rochester; you're quite the poet aren't you?

    Tempo; I think you're probably right on that point.

    Elephant's Child; I'm not a very accomplished knitter, but scarves are easy. (unless you choose a patterned one, with lots of sl one, K 2tog, psso and so on.)Plain ones are the best. Cast on, knit until you're sick of it, cast off. Wear it.

  10. I love knitting scarves, I get to play with the different stitch patterns in a project that finishes before I get bored.

  11. Amanda; I don't bother with different stitch patterns, much as I'd like to, I always find I have to concentrate far too much, counting every stitch and row etc. It takes the fun right out of it.

  12. *grins* It looks great river, well done you. Oh the joys of it all lol.


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