handy hint # 6,030,002

Handy Hint # 6,030,002

Always check the temperature of the water before stepping into the shower.


For instance; if you've been sleeping nightly all bundled up like an eskimo to ward off the winter cold, then you may have developed the following routine: - 
turn on the water, strip off six or seven (8,9,10) layers of clothing, (six if you count the socks, seven if you count each sock individually), then step under the spray which is now a comfortable sear-the-skin-off-your-back temperature.

However, if the night has been unseasonably warm, you may wake up to find that in your sleep, you've tossed out of bed nine out of your ten layers of flannelette. 

So when you stumble into the bathroom you're wearing very little.

You'll follow your habit of turning on the water, stripping off, (but this time only one flimsy garment), and stepping under the spray, only to find yourself suddenly frozen solid, until the water warms up and thaws you out.

So there it is. 

Check the temperature before getting wet!


  1. Hi River,

    A corollary of your hint. Make DOUBLY sure that you check the temperature of the water if you have guests - particularly if those guests like the temperature of the water to be close to the boiling point of water...




  2. My arm snakes inside the shower door several times to test and adjust. Especially since my thirteen year old granddaughter now shares my bathroom. Don't these kids know the glory of a good, hot shower. What's this tepid crap.

  3. It now takes an act of congress for me to take off all eight layers of my clothing. :-)

    Eventually, I suppose...


  4. I use the cold water for cleaning my teeth then I step under the hot water.
    There's nothing like having a shower before bed and finding the water ice cold because the pilot light has gone out in the heater. Now I always check before dipping under.

  5. Good to hear the old boiler is still going strong. (I really hope someone takes that the wrong way)

  6. Ohhh yes. So true

  7. Having done both (numerous times) I'd say stepping under the cold water is probably worse...

  8. Remember the houses when if someone flushed the toilet the temperature would be rapidly changed in the shower. I am grateful that this doesn't apply here, and yes, I do test the water. Carefully.

  9. YES and I agree with PlasMan - ALWAYS check it when you have guests.

    Last week I found out that our friend Helen likes the water to be so hot that it develops the capability to melt the skin off my back whereas Love Chunks prefers it on the tepid side.

    Test it with your toes under the spray first. :)

  10. Plasman; I don't have guests here, at least not any that stay overnight, so I'm safe from that problem.

    Annmarie Pipa; welcome to Drifting. I stepped under a freezing spray twice, now I always check.

    Delores; if I save just one person, I've done good.

    Joanne Noragon; my ex used to like a tepid shower. The Scots are funny like that.

    Pearl; an act of Congress? Wow. That must be pretty cold weather you're having.

    JahTeh; I remember the pilot light blowing out overnight in a previous home, I'd have to go out in a gale force wind at 5am and relight it to shower before heading to work. Not Fun!

    Andrew; I'm hoping the old boiler kicks along for a good few years yet.

    peskypixies; you only need to freeze once or twice to start the check routine.

    Tempo; cold is definitely worse.

    Elephant's Child; I remember that! We'd all be shouting out "I'm going to shower, no one use the toilet!"

    Kath Lockett; long time no see...
    I like my water on the hot side too. I test with my fingertips though, my toes hate the cold.


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