especially for K

My daughter K, I do like to tease her now and again.....

Apple and Rhubarb.......

......baked into a pie.

Thanks for the rhubarb, K

And, just to tease your tastebuds a bit more....

...onion and spinach quiche.



  1. I've heard of strawberry and rhubarb but apple sounds good too.

  2. OH rhubarb! Rhubarb and custard, Sunday in the slums, all the kiddies love rhubarb.

  3. O' comely wench
    Maid River
    Mine heart, mine soul, mine liver
    Organs all aquiver

    Per thee.


  4. Yummo. Rhubarb was always called 'thumb' at our house after my brother chopped his badly while preparing the rhubarb. Just the same we were all (injured brother included) very fond of thumb and custard.

  5. Very nice looking pies, love them all.

  6. Hope you don't me me popping in. I found your blog on my daughters's blog. Rhubarb and apple compliment each other so well. What fantastic and yet simple food. Better than all the fancy stuff around these days. My mouth waters just thinking of both dishes.

  7. Delores; Strawberries are a bit too expensive for me to be putting them in a pie. Have you ever tried raspberry and rhubarb jam? I bought a jar of homemade R&R jam at a beach fete stall years ago and it was the best jam ever! Unfortunately I've never been able to get any more.

    R.H. I may have to make more visits to K's home just to water the rhubarb and keep it growing to my satisfaction.

    Lord Rochester; your liver is aquiver? Sounds ominous.

    Elephant's Child; I can imagine the looks I'd get of I offered someone a slice of thumb pie.

    Tempo; I am good at pies.

    Mimsie; welcome to drifting. I prefer simple foods, home made, so I know what's in them. Fancy stuff with unknown or unpronounceable ingredients does nothing for me.

  8. Never eat anything you can't pronounce.

  9. Wow! A Mouth-watering foods? I love it, It looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your blog. God bless.


  10. R.H. I'll try not to...

    mhegan kate; welcome to drifting. Believe me, it's very delicious.


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