Generally, I'm happy, but music makes me happiest

We all know that I'm happy when I don't have to go to work.
Days off are the best!
Even when I have to run around here, there, everywhere.
It isn't work, so that's okay.

I'm happy wandering around taking photos, fooling around on the computer, tidying my cupboards, baking, watching DVDs.

I'm happy reading, reading, reading, until my vision blurs, my eyes close and I fall asleep. 

Add a little music to the mix and I'm even happier.
There's a spring in my step as I put away folded laundry.
I "bop" a little as I'm vacuuming.
I'll sing along, (badly), while I'm washing up the mountain of bowls and pans used for the baking I've been doing.

Even falling asleep while reading is better with music playing.

So I've been busy lately sorting out my I-tunes lists.
I have an I-pod capable of holding thousands of songs, yet I only had about 750 on there.

I'm checking what's on there against what's listed in the files, adding songs (all those CDs I dropped a while ago) previously deleted from the computer because they didn't fit on the smaller I-pod, buying new (old 50s and 60s) songs from I-tunes, getting ready to sync the new playlists to the bigger I-pod.

I'm looking forward to lazy summer days off, when I can get up early, turn on the music, turn up the music (not too loud, don't want to scare the neighbours) and just be happy, listening all day.


  1. I'm happy 'cos I've retired and I don't have to go to work. I love music too. CD playing in the background while I read and type.

  2. I'm with you. I was always happiest on my days off. Didn't matter what the weather was as long as I wasn't THERE.

  3. As the saying goes "Music Soothes The Savage Beast". Even better now that i've retired i can listen to more music anytime i like.

  4. I need to get with it and learn to do what you're talking about. The music thing.

  5. I hadn't pegged you as somebody with an iPod, I'm impressed! I too am a music makes my mood, it can change my mood, make me remember and make me cry.

    Music is good for the soul!

  6. Upon reading this I sat at my piano. I played: Wild Maid From Adelaide, my own composition, just for you.
    Occasionally I perform at the Senior Citizen's Centre. The applause is enormously gratifying. Very loud; sticks and walking frames banged on the floor.
    I can take it. One old girl lost her false teeth from yelling. Unfortunate, but that's showbiz.

  7. If music be the food of love
    What's your address?

  8. I'm with Joanne. I haven't (yet) gone down the ipod path. And since I am retired I don't need it as much either... A quandary.

  9. Molly; I know I'm going to be happier when I'm retired, but that's 5 years away yet. sigh. I no longer have a CD player, all my music is on the I-pods.

    Delores; Weekends are great, but Fridays are absolute bliss. Unfortunately my boss has had a staffing crisis and next Friday I volunteered to work.

    Windsmoke; that's what I'm looking forward to.

    Joanne Noragon; do you mean listening to more music or learning to load and listen via I-pod? It's ridiculously easy. My daughter talked me through it the first time, but once you've done it you don't forget.

    Jennifer Kay; I have three. The 30GB in the lounge room speaker dock, that's the one I'm currently re-loading, there's a 4GB in the bedroom that I listen to if I'm awake and reading at 2am and there's the 512MB shuffle that lives in my backpack for the bus rides to and from work. Music always changes my mood for the better.

    R.H. A composition for me? Thank you! I'm sure the Senior Citizens look forward to your performances. Do they sing along?

    Lord Rochester; my address?
    --/--- --------- R--- Adelaide

    Elephant's Child; you don't need music?? Au Contraire!(not sure of the spelling) Everyone needs music and I-pods are portable so you can garden with music in your pocket and plugged into your ears.

  10. Elephant's Child; of course then you couldn't hear the, yes, quandary.

  11. Jokes aside, I remember when the oldies assembled for community singing in little halls around the suburbs. It was very popular. Usually conducted by some local councillor, and with a Miss Ethel soandso on the piano.

  12. I'd like to be a fly on your ceiling, watching you doing your daily habits to your frisky tunes. It's always delightful to watch a happy person. Only don't go swatt'n flies just then. Ha.
    Love from Manzanita

  13. My hubby and I have both been retired for over 20 years and both love music. We have CDs and even some vinyl records and tapes. Doesn't make what the music is 'on' it is still wonderful to enjoy every day. His tastes differ from mine in many ways and yet there is some music we can both enjoy together. "As they say music does soothe the savage breast." Not sure about some of the very modern 'stuff' though.

  14. Hi River,

    I have over 6000 songs on my iPod - and quite a few different styles.

    I totally agree - music makes me happy too.




  15. Manzanita; if I spot any flies wearing pink, I'll put away the swatter, just in case it's you.

    Mimsie; I still have some old vinyl albums too, but don't have a record player. I accidentally gave away some of them when I moved house, they were resting on a box destined for Goodwill and it was gone before I could move them. I'm not a fan of some of the modern stuff either.

    Plasman; sadly, my biggest I-pod has nowhere near 6000 songs. Not yet anyway. I'm working on it. I have about 3 dozen Beatles tunes ready to go on later today.

  16. Yes, music has a way of transporting me through time... I always feel the same with music... a spring in my step and maybe even a little dance...

  17. gaby@727m2; there's just something about rhythm and beat that gets the feet moving.

  18. Now what all I want to do is put on music, turn up the volume and dance and sing to the top of my lungs, but I can't as the wife is watching Oprah on TV...grrrr


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