a message for AGL


Here in Adelaide, South Australia, we already have the highest electricity cost in Australia.

Your proposed rise in costs, in July 2016 (that's NEXT MONTH people!) will see us having the highest electricity cost in the world.


How can you do this? 
How DARE you do this? 

Think of all the things that need electricity.

heaters; fans; airconditioners; televisions; dvd players; electric blankets; electric kettles; toasters; microwave ovens; computers; radios; chargers for small appliances such as MP3 players and mobile phones.

Alarm systems everywhere. 

I probably missed a few. Go ahead and fill in the gaps.

How about businesses?

Then there's shops; medical centres; HOSPITALS, nursing homes; ill people living in their own homes relying on medical equipment daily. 

Police Stations, prisons.

Farmers too will suffer. This is our food supply you are playing with.

People here are already struggling to pay their bills, (and not all of us are gambling alcoholics).
There are hard working families with mortgages, children in school, car payments and so on. 
How are they expected to absorb yet another cost of living increase?

Not to mention other electricity suppliers will probably follow your lead.

Are you deliberately trying to shut down my city?
My state?

Shame on you!


  1. Hi River,

    Wow - highest electricity prices in the world? It's usually "rip off Britain". SOunds like Australian companies are trying to outdo even us.




  2. That is horrible. It's one thing to raise prices on optional items but criminal to have your utilities being unaffordable for working class families. Our electricity rates are quite low but we are struggling with exorbitant health insurance costs.(which are mandated by law) My health insurance is more than 10 times higher than my electric bill. I guess every place has some ridiculous inflated price on something. I feel bad for you having to deal with those types of prices.

  3. It's shocking! When will it cease? It's getting harder and harder by the day. Too soon none of us will be able to afford to keep that light at the end of the tunnel alight!

  4. Interestingly just yesterday I was listening to a radio programme praising how progressive SA is with its renewable energy achievements. Clearly it comes at a cost, and the more electricity generated by renewable resources, then the less power is needed from the big old generators and so they will charge more. But who wants their electricity price to rise!

  5. Not greedy, River, just stupid to put this out before an election so it becomes an issue but if this becomes an issue what is the issue they're really trying to hide.

  6. I went solar for this reason, but the rebates are stopping at the end of this year so I have to check out what the various companies will give me for my power not much I think.
    If it no good will check out the batteries I would even have a wind thingie in my front yard if possible I would grow a climbing rose on it and pretend it was a decoration.
    We are hooked on power unless we want to go back to doing everything ourselves we will have to pay the price but always good to check out other ways, good exercise too, to more ourselves.

  7. A few mistakes in that comment but you know what I 'm saying .

  8. .. it seems so wrong to do this River.... I agree with you /.... Shame on them..
    Hugs... Barb xxx

  9. Plasman; highest prices in the world is what I heard on the TV news last night, and it isn't even my whole country, just MY STATE.

    Cheryl; our health insurances are pretty high too, as is our petrol (gasoline)and if you think you can get away with speeding a bit, my state has the highest fines. Want to buy a house here? My state has the highest stamp duty costs, more than double the other states.

    Elephant's Child; today's paper has Origin energy joining AGL in a price hike. AGL= 12%; Origin Energy = 6.5% The rest are bound to follow.

    Lee; when will it end? When all of us can no longer afford to pay for anything and walk away from our homes to live in tents in the bush.
    I'm kidding of course, we couldn't do that. Or could we?
    The thing is, when people have no money to pay, how are the companies going to enforce payment? They can't get money from people who can barely buy food.

    Andrew; renewable energy achievements seems to be the favourite political spin right now, but according to newspapers, all those windfarms don't generate base load power, whatever that is, to keep the power stations running.

    JahTeh; if you find out what the hidden issue is, please let us know.

    Merle; I heard the rebates were stopping soon. I don't know enough about that to be able to comment. As long as the solar panels supply your house, you won't have electricity bills, is that right?

    Barbara; it does seem so unfair that the state with the smallest population (I think) has the highest charges in the world. But I believe the price rise is nationwide, so you all will suffer along with us in paying more, but our base cost is so much higher and instead of looking into that and trying to get it reduced, all they do is advise us to "shop around and change companies, get a better deal"

  10. Good grief, that's not good at all.
    We thought our electricity prices were high!

  11. Margaret-whiteangel; I know yours are high too, but this is bordering on ridiculous.

  12. That's ridiculous. What was their justification for increasing their prices?


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