Words for Wednesday

It’s Wednesday!  
And June!

Which means it is my turn to provide you all with words to challenge your minds.
Write a story, write a poem; the choice is yours. 

Post it here in the comments, or on your own blog, it doesn’t have to be today,
but please leave a note in the comments here so we can all find you and read your creation.

Here are the words:

1. virus
2. business
3. instrument
4. special
5. complex
6. superhuman


1. hottest
2. reconnect
3. interactive
4. driftwood
5. mystery
6. continental


" there is a Prince Charming in all good fairy stories"  

go ahead, have fun :)


  1. Glad to see you here and see the words. I have been just a little worried about you:-) Can't wait to give these words a try.

    1. Granny Annie; worried about me? Thank you, although there's no need. you haven't been here long so probably don't know that I don't post every day. I have Time-Out Tuesdays, so don't post and often don't read either; Thursday Thoughts has become irregular too and on Saturdays I never post unless there's something really important that needs to be got out of my head.

    2. Now I must confess that I thought Tuesday was Wednesday and that you had not posted any words. You are always so prompt so I something must be wrong. And yes it was. Wrong with me not with you. LOL

  2. There is indeed a Prince Charming in all good fairy stories. He is often the hottest, usually the richest, and it is a mystery to me why the heroine settles for him. Happy ever after?
    I have my doubts. Most of the Prince Charmings have the conversational skills of driftwood, and ideas percolate into their skulls with the speed of continental drift. None of them have any handyman skills either. There is nothing interactive about polishing a throne with your behind. Nothing exciting about it either. If you want my advice I suggest you reconnect with the Wicked Witch and ask what she can produce. It might be dangerous, but it will definitely be more exciting.

    1. Oh, EC...how very cynical! lol

      Dearie me....I'll just have to go back and re-read all my fairy tales!

      Well done. :)

    2. Your comment story breaks away from predictable. It thrills my soul!

    3. Elephant's Child; I LOVE this! it's fabulous and so true. I'm guessing most fairytale heroines have "Princess" on their minds and $$ in their eyes.

    4. Oh my goodness you are so clever. "Prince Charmings have the conversational skills of driftwood," ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...

  3. I'm running a little late this morning...a combination of playing tennis at Wimbledon and the cooler temperatures! Here's my bit of fun for this week....

    "The day certainly had all the hallmarks of being the HOTTEST day of summer. The only thing Mollie felt like being INTERACTIVE with was a ice-block...a giant ice-block; preferably one large enough to substitute for a bed! Her energy level was extremely low. Her emotions were sapped. The last thing she felt like doing was traipsing along the hiking trail; a trail that was fringed with dense vegetation blocking any chance of a cooling breeze.

    The day was supposed to be SPECIAL. Having only a couple of days earlier recovered from a nasty VIRUS, Mollie had made a SUPERHUMAN effort just to meet him at the designated area. She could ill-afford to take any more time off from her job, but fortunately, “there is a Prince Charming in all good fairy stories”.

    Her boss understood how important it was for Mollie to extend her leave. His compassionate understanding was the INSTRUMENT that allowed her the opportunity to follow her heart.

    Tom had returned from his lengthy CONTINENTAL odyssey. It had been a MYSTERY to Mollie why he needed to go in the first place. Why he was so keen to go and his lack of a believable explanation baffled her. He’d left her alone floundering like a piece of DRIFTWOOD in the shallows. He offered weak excuses for his extended absence and his frequent lack of communication, blaming the COMPLEX BUSINESS in which he’d been involved for his silences.

    Something was not right. Mollie felt wary about pressing him further. In time the truth would be revealed."

    1. Be careful Molly. Be very careful. And trust your instincts.

    2. Lee; I'm running late too, stayed in bed until 10am, then spent two hours sorting out my online bank statements, I'd lost just under three dollars somewhere, but got that sorted. International exchange fees for online purchases.
      I LOVE your story and you need to write the rest so we know what Tom's been up to and how Mollie fares.

    3. Oh yes, reveal the truth. We are on the edge of our seats... Yay Lee!

  4. Maid River
    Cheeky frau
    What mystery
    Art thou...
    And RH
    Be driftwood
    To thy shore.
    To reconnect
    Once more.

    Good Heavens.

    Missed again

    O' hottest frau!
    Say yes
    Right now!
    Or mystery shall endure
    Thou continental


    Well no messing about; this one enlists your sympathy girls; it's ridiculous, but sincere.

    1. R.H. I love your poem, Smiling from ear to ear now.
      But...the mystery shall endure.

    2. Change your name to Shakespeare.

  5. River seems to have won your heart. Will she say yes? Or just smile and enjoy the compliment...

    1. Elephant's Child; smiling here, but not saying yes.

  6. Are you serious? After two husbands she's heard it all.

    1. R.H. mostly what I heard from them was can you help me out? I'm a bit short this week. $$$$$
      One alcoholic, smoker, gambler; One alcoholic smoker depressive.

  7. the two sets have my writing mind thinking. I'll post at my own site. Thanks for being in charge of W.W. challenge!

    1. Susan Kane; I can't wait to see what you write. I'm having a little trouble myself, trying to fit these words into a chapter with my current story.

  8. I have read and and enjoyed reading the above posts and shall try to write a second story possibly tomorrow as I am more than busy , tired and worn out today I have been in demand all day except for an hour or so, when Rosemary had a nap, I am being called right now Grr. But you may read my story on my blog if you wish.

  9. Vest; there's no pressure to produce a story, anytime is fine, just link back to where the words originated. Here this week, at EC's next month. I'll pop over and read at your blog.

  10. Not sure if I did it right or not "words for Wednesday" but I had fun anyhow...http://peppylady.blogspot.com/2016/06/i-got-read-to.html

    1. peppylady (Dora); welcome to drifting. I'll pop right over and read it.

  11. I walked to the business complex, laptop under my arm. I had evidently downloaded a mystery virus and I was unable to reconnect to the internet. Naturally, it was the hottest day of the year. I dripped with sweat as I walked into the anteroom where this superhuman god stood by his desk, holding out his hands for my laptop. He took out an instrument to check out the problem, inviting me to have a seat while I waited. The wink he gave me, made me feel special. He tinkered and murmured to my toy as if it were interactive. I waited and waited like a piece of driftwood, wishing he would murmur to me that way. After he made my laptop purr like a kitten, he offered me a ride home in his air-conditioned Lincoln Continental.
    “Don’t you know,” he said, “there is a Prince Charming in all good fairy stories.”

    1. This is brilliant. If only that man could be cloned.

    2. S.J.Qualls; EC is right, if only... this is a great story.

  12. I expected something to pop into my head but it didn't so when I met a prince charming I will ask him why he hangs out in fairytales.

    1. Merle; if you meet a Prince Charming we all want photos :)

  13. SJ Qualls. Presuming you are a Lady, What happened when your PC tinkler took you home in his luxurious L Q. Did he test it in your Home socket. Just in case Eh. Lucky lady?

  14. EC. There are clones of that guy every where.

  15. Posted on my blog:-)

    JUNGLE FEVER by Granny Annie

    Traveling through the Land of the Lost
    A VIRUS infected our hiking tour.
    It was our BUSINESS to seek out care
    To find some INSTRUMENT of a cure.

    Jungle scenery and animals
    Seemed less than SPECIAL now.
    SUPERHUMANs we were not
    For COMPLEX rescue to allow.

    What shelter on a HOTTEST day?
    Would we ever RECONNECT?
    A burning fever plagued us
    As INTERACTIVE minds reflect.

    Was it DRIFTWOOD that infected us?
    What could solve this MYSTERY?
    Moving like a CONTINENTAL army
    We headed toward a churning sea.

    But, “there is a Prince Charming
    In all good fairy stories” still.
    Kissing was found to be the cure
    Ending a need for any medical pill.

    A few might go again someday.
    The Land of the Lost was in each heart.
    We went home healthy and happy.
    We had enjoyed the kissing part.

  16. I love this Granny Annie. I wish more of us realised we are not super human.

  17. Granny Annie; at first I thought "if only kissing was the cure for all viruses", but then I remembered there are more than a few people I wouldn't want to be kissing.


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