Words for Wednesday

It’s Wednesday!  
And June!

Which means it is my turn to provide you all with words to challenge your minds.
Write a story, write a poem; the choice is yours. 

Post it here in the comments, or on your own blog, it doesn’t have to be today,
but please leave a note in the comments here so we can all find you and read your creation.

Here are the words:





‘but it was never enough’

Go ahead, have fun :)


  1. As always, you have tossed out some excellent words! I will post at my site this week. Thanks.

  2. I remember. Too well. Lots of questions. No answers.
    In her last years my mama was a drunk. Nothing was undrinkable so long as it contained alcohol.
    She started the day early with copious drafts of red wine which was her drink of choice. Red wine might have been the optimum, but when it ran out (as it too often did) she made an executive decision and drank anything/everything else that was to hand.
    But it was never enough to dull her pain. Or ours.

    1. Oh that's a (good) sad story EC and one that happens too often I fear. I knew one woman who turned to the metho bottle when the booze ran out :(

    2. Sadly it is true. And still hurts.

    3. Well that brought tears to my eyes. Too many of us know that woman. I hope it wasn't a true story. Great job EC

    4. Oh now I see that you responded to River that it WAS a true story. Even sadder.

    5. This was heart-breaking. "But it was never enough to dull her pain. Or ours." A real true story. Very strong.

  3. O' Maid River!
    How copious
    My liver!
    And how optimum
    Thy bosom
    Whilst stooping to question
    My indigestion.

    Nay, lean close
    To remember
    The unthinkable
    In moonlight undrinkable
    Of my heart!

    (Go easy on this one, it's not much but it means well.)


    1. R.H. I like your contribution, thank you for joining in.

    2. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Yes you definitely had fun. Loved it.

  4. I've just arrived home from doing my grocery shopping (having replenished my stock of delicious salmon fillets from New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds - I know what's on my lunch menu today)! I highly recommend this salmon from Marlborough Sounds....nothing compares to it. But now onto more pressing matters of the day....

    "The pressing QUESTION facing them – was the water supply at the plant UNDRINKABLE or was something else more sinister causing the run of illness throughout the company’s EMPLOYEES; an illness that had proven DEADLY in a few too many instances. One death was one too many.
    An EXECUTIVE decision had to be made, and made swiftly, before the UNPROVEN PROCEDURE was put into place.
    The area had received COPIOUS amounts of rain over the previous 12 months or more. It was difficult to REMEMBER when they’d last experienced a dry spell. It would be almost too much to BEAR if they drained the area’s whole water supply in the belief they would reach the OPTIMUM results, to then discover their decision was the wrong decision.
    The plant was going through a new distinct PHASE of development, and this problem was not what they’d expected, or wanted. The livelihood of the surrounding towns and farms depended on the plant.
    For weeks the owners acted with intense determination in their efforts to solve the disturbing predicament; to stop further deaths from occurring, ‘but it was never enough’ it seemed...not until now."

    1. Lee: Ouch. I wonder whether the dry has leached chemicals to the surface, which were washed into the drinking water when the rain came...

    2. Lee; excellent story. I'm wondering if perhaps some testing of the water might reveal the source of contamination without having to drain it all away. I certainly hope there's no dead bodies floating in it.

    3. The mystery writer sure came out in you on this one. Loved it Lee.

    4. Thanks, EC, River and Annie...these were fun words to work with. Thank you for the words, River. :)

  5. Great words given..always they are great :)

    1. Margaret-whiteangel; I'd love to see what you do with them :)

  6. My story, as always, will appear here on my blog on Friday June 3rd. I hope you'll enjoy it.

  7. She had to follow procedure, she was new to the job and didn't want to make a mistake on a unproven employee but he had impressed her all the others were deadly serious in their ambitions but Bear, his nickname he had told her.
    He was ending one phase in his life and starting another, he wanted s to do something different.
    He had a wonderful laugh always good to have a funny man in the crew maybe not the best reasons to promote someone to a higher position but she had made up her mind she would give him a chance.

    1. Glad she gave him a chance. You used that set of words well.

    2. I like it. And someone ready for a new start is going to have more energy and a better attitude. It could be an excellent decision.

  8. Merle; a great story, thanks for joining in. I once knew someone who was nicknamed Bear. More of a teddy bear he was, gentle and cuddly.

  9. Elephant's Child, very kind.

  10. Love the choices. Picked the first group plus the phrase. Yes it was FUN!

    The Boss by Granny Annie

    Finally she was the newly
    Appointed EXECUTIVE.
    COPIOUS amounts of advice
    Caused her to become reflective.

    Now all she could REMEMBER
    Were the times before stress
    Causing her to constantly
    Hope and pray for less.

    Why did she invite each
    Subordinate for a suggestion?
    Looking at one idea
    Simply raised another QUESTION.

    Some expected her to
    Repair problems unthinkable.
    How could she fix water
    That was totally UNDRINKABLE?

    This OPTIMUM job position
    Had only made her extremely tired.
    She looked around the group
    And said. “you are all fired”.

    Reaching that glass ceiling
    Had been extremely tough.
    She wanted to have her way

    1. Great, Annie...very inventive...good on you! :)

    2. Love it. Your poems are always fun.

    3. Grannie Annie; this is fabulous! thanks for joining in. I do wonder though, who will do the work now that she has fired everyone.

  11. Thanks for the words! I had a rough start but turned out to be therapeutic for me, so extra thanks :o)


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