Calendar Tuesday #6

It's June 7th--time for Calendar Tuesday which only happens on the first Tuesday of every month.

we'll start with the June picture on my Country Home Ideas calendar:

scrubbed table, dresser on the side, what's not to love?

Next, the Violent Veg calendar:

"I told him his knob would melt in this heat"
enlarging the picture will help you see it better.

Now the one you've been waiting for; Suzy Toronto:

and here's what it says:

Stop what you're doing and start living.

Have you ever noticed how few people really live their lives?
They just seem to go through the motions, always waiting for next week or next month to give them a sense of relief.

It's a trap that's far too easy to fall into.

(Oh yeah, I know you've been there; I was the wild-haired, wacky woman right next to you, wearing the cute pair of boots and runnin' around like a chicken with her head cut off!)

So right this very second, stop what you're doing and start living.
Let go of the chaos and choose to fully embrace your life.

Proclaim today as your day and this very instant as your moment for the taking. This day will never come again.. Next week will still come, deadlines will fly by, and appointments will come and go, but by will be gone forever.
So kick back, put your feet up, and breathe.

It's time to let go and LIVE!


  1. I don't get it. What's it mean?

    Never mind, when you come here we're going to Dimboola, lots of German ghosts. Deutschland uber alles, they sing, in a street full of broken shops. There I'll make you my final proposition: Final, Extravagant, Preposterous! Aye.

    O' cheeky frau.

  2. Suzy Toronto is a very wise woman.

  3. I love that table in the first picture. I love people that are "out there living their lives" and think it's wonderful but for me I love my life as it is. I lead a quiet life with my friends and family in a rather mundane, no funky hair, no trendy boots...just doing the things I enjoy with the people I enjoy doing things with. There are more gentle waves than there are rip tides and breakers but it works for me.

  4. comfort
    and good advice
    you have said it

  5. As far as I can tell, I'm still living. Unless someone knows something that I don't know...I really do believe I am!

    Nobby the Cob needs to change his name! :)

  6. Well darlings what's new about all this? Pop music, where all the best ideas come from, said it years ago: "Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think."

    So why not pass the hat around for poor RH so he can get started?

  7. I always like the violent veg one.

  8. fishducky; I always find things go better when I focus on the now instead of waiting to see what next week will bring.

    R.H. what's it all mean? Well, it's open to your own interpretation, but I'd say it means do the things you want to do now, instead of waiting for some time in the future (the "right" time) which may never happen.

    Elephant's Child; I wish for at least half her wisdom, but I'll settle for reading the calendar.

    Cheryl; you're doing the things you enjoy with the people you enjoy, so that qualifies you as "out there living your life". It's doing what makes you happy and doing it now, instead of waiting for a better moment that may never come.

    Merle; and aren't they the very things that we all need most?

    Lee; living, yes, but also living the way you want to, and that's what is most important.
    Poor Nobby :(

    R.H. two visits in one day! I'm honoured. You're right, pop music did say it years ago, but there are new generations now that need to hear it.
    I think you'll have to pass your own hat around.

    Andrew; it's a great calendar and I hope there's another one next year. I'll have to start looking soon.

  9. BAH!!!- new generations won't wait for a damn thing! Money spent before they get it. Cars, tv's, darling new cooktops....they're signing contracts at birth for oak veneered coffins, and every cent between. Undertakers can't wait to get hold of them "Pay now die later." It'll be a cashless society, if you don't see it you won't miss it. ha ha ha.

    Three visits.

  10. .. River ... I love your calendars.... and it is wonderful to be able to do what makes you happy... xxxx hugs... Barb xxxx

  11. R.H. true for some, but not for all. I have grandchildren who work hard and save their money for the things they want, most of their friends are the same. They've been raised to know that not everything is given to them just because they want it.

    Barbara; I hope I can find great calendars for next year too, then this series can continue.

  12. Oh it's so good to be able to breathe, have fun and do what comes naturally.
    Love the violent calendar.


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