Words for Wednesday

It’s Wednesday!  
And June!

Which means it is my turn to provide you all with words to challenge your minds.
Write a story, write a poem; the choice is yours. 

Post it here in the comments, or on your own blog, it doesn’t have to be today,
but please leave a note in the comments here so we can all find you and read your creation.

Here are the words:

1. energy
2. caravan
3. drop
4. whispering
5. farmer
6. tracker


1. slinging
2. risking
3. young
4. absolute
5. morsels
6. contain


"the headlights were the only illumination on the single lane road"

go ahead! have fun :)


  1. thanks, River, for your faithfulness in providing interesting words! My post will be at my site on Friday!

  2. The whispering in Beth's head never stopped. 'That farmer knew who you were... he has alerted the police. When they find the body in the caravan their tracker will be on your trail... just one drop of your blood is all they need...keep driving. Faster, faster... take the back roads. No streetlights, no houses, no traffic. Your headlights will be the only illumination on the single lane road. As soon as you see more SHOOT. And drive on. Faster, faster....

    1. It appears our heroines are either running from or running to trouble, EC! :)

      Well done. :)

    2. I always love a bloody tale of excitement. Good job EC

  3. Hello "Words for Wednesday".....here are my Wednesday Words....

    "She didn’t have the ENERGY to un-hitch the CARAVAN. It’d been a long day’s driving, having left well before dawn. She just wanted to DROP where she was and sleep, sleep, sleep. However, a determined voice was WHISPERING in her head she must go on.

    She spotted a FARMER heading her way. He no doubt had questions to ask of her and probably would tell her to move on off his property.

    To appease his concerns she knew she had to quickly make up a believable story.

    She knew she was RISKING everything in her YOUNG life, including her own safety, by continuing her odyssey, but she had to keep the real reason for her journey an ABSOLUTE secret.

    As he drew closer she could hardly CONTAIN her nerves, but she inhaled deeply trying to gather her composure.

    SLINGING her backpack over her shoulder unsure at that stage what MORSELS of information she would give him, she strode towards the stranger with the purpose of a TRACKER hunting his game.

    She would meet the farmer halfway, her head held high; a smile on her face.

    In the distance, in the opposite direction, THE HEADLIGHTS WERE THE ONLY ILLUMINAION ON THE SINGLE LANE ROAD.

    Time was of the essence. She was gripped by fear and panic.

    The lights that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere worried her. She hoped it wasn’t him; she prayed it wasn’t him."

    1. Lee: How interesting that these words took us in similar directions. I suspect your protagonist is saner than mine though...

    2. You always manage to use all the words so well. Love this tail of adventure. Yes the farmer would be after them to move.

  4. Susan Kane; you're welcome. I look forward to reading.

    Elephant's Child; oooh! High drama! I hope she has plenty of bullets. I'd love to know more about this. what happened? Why? Will she get away?

    Lee; aha! more drama. I'm loving this :)
    Great story and again I'm wondering what has happened and why. I'm also hoping it isn't "him" but just some other random traveller.

    1. I have no idea, River! Hahahaha!

      Wednesday Words are good practice for me in writing fiction. It's the only time I get to write fiction...I enjoy doing these little exercises. Thanks....:)

  5. my story will be posted on this site on Friday 10th.

  6. These are good sets of words, could think of things to write especially regarding the word 'caravan'.

  7. Margaret-whiteangel; please write for us :)

  8. Elsie, Fred and the driver of their CARAVAN Bob Dodds a former indigenous TRACKER were touring in the south of England near Tichfield in Hampshire where back packers were picking strawberries in the fields which sloped down to a babbling brook flanked by WHISPERING willow trees.
    It was the decided that they could do with a little excercise and use some of their ENERGY resources to make some extra czsh which would help pay for the fuel the gas guzzling CARAVAN was gobbling up. They the asked Bob to drop them off, he the parked by a large barn which looked peculiar because of one corner of the Barn being a willow tree, Which the FARMER when asked stated it was a former post cut from a willow tree which eventually took root.

    BTW The willow tree part of the yarn it true also the location.

    1. Loved the story. Loved the whispering willow!

  9. Sorry about the typo's, THE Shoud be then .. twice. I had to rush because I forgot my wife's hair appointment at 2pm. A bob cut with fringe , like a twenties flapper.

  10. Vest; good story. I like the willow post that grew back into a tree.

  11. RURAL TRAVELERS by Granny Annie

    We planned our trip
    It was meant to be
    Now if only I
    Would have the ENERGY

    To contact and organize
    Our entire clan
    And designate each a place
    In the CARAVAN.

    The travel time would
    Help us plan our crop.
    What produce to add
    And what we should DROP.

    There would be
    Much talk of everything
    Lots of demands
    Lots of WHISPERING.

    It was important to be tactful
    To be quite the charmer
    To get my way.
    Not a lover just a FARMER

    It would not be wise
    To become a slacker
    So I must stay tuned

    Thus we headed out
    Each with a heavy load
    “The headlights were the only illumination
    On the single road.”

  12. Granny Annie; this is excellent! Thank you so much.


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