Thursday Thoughts # 90

from Storm Front: a Harry Dresden novel by Jim Butcher
" I looked, noted details mechanically, and quietly shut the door on the part of my head that had started screaming the second I entered the room."

"I tried to ignore it. Really I did. But if I didn't get out of that room in a hurry, I was going to start crying like a little girl."

from A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett
" He had mastered the first two rules of writing, as he understood them. 1)steal some paper. 2)steal a pencil"

Heard on my radio: "women sometimes make fools of men, but most men are the do-it-yourself sort"

Peggy Bundy from Married with Children: "what time is it?"
 Kids: "5pm"
Peggy: "oh darn, I slept through my afternoon nap"

Today's Thoughts:

I've been back at the dentist, but not because of toothache. Woo-Hoo!! 

My last visit was in August 2015 and since then I've had an occasional twinge, gone as quickly as it came, but no real toothache. 
Almost a year without toothache! This is cause for celebration indeed.
(I bought some licorice)

Anyway, I had a text message saying I was due for a check up and cleaning, so in I went. My dentist is back at work from her maternity leave, I'm happy about that because I hate breaking in a new dentist. 

I had the check up, and the cleaning, last week, then we worked up a treatment plan for things that need doing. First up, two small fillings. Get them taken care of before they become huge, painful, air-sucking holes.

Usually, tiny things like this aren't noticed until I'm screaming and banging my face with my fist to stop the pain, because the root canal is infected. Because in the past I've put off going until I actually have toothache. Big mistake on my part. In my defence, a lot of the times I've been with toothache and been sent home because they couldn't see any reason for it.

The small fillings got taken care of today and I didn't even need any anaesthetic . 
Yay! No needles!
I'm going back next month to start work on a cracked molar, again, before it becomes infected.

My dentist did mention that I now had very healthy gums. Clearly I'm doing something right.

Recently, I went to visit my daughter, K, thinking she was still on holidays. I knocked on the door, and when there was no reply, I let myself in, thinking maybe she was still sleeping. She does that when she is on holiday, sleeps until about lunchtime, then has a lot of pyjama time. 
Just like me, she is :)
Well, she wasn't home, but there were a few crumbs of something on her benchtop and they were covered in ants. I cleaned that up, then sent her a text message: 
"every ant in Adelaide is having a party on your bench"

She sent me this as a reply>>

Ant Party!!
I love my girl.


  1. People simply don't believe me when I tell them that most dental visits don't require anesthesia--my wife included.

  2. I love these. And, I absolutely need anesthesia.

  3. It's a cute photo. I've had a filling without anesthetic and it was surprisingly ok. But definitely required for an extraction.

  4. K is a star. A talent she inherited from her mama.
    Yay for no major issues at the dentist.

  5. Lucky you on having just minor problems to deal with at the dentist office. None of that sounds too bad.

    Your daughter must have a great sense of humor. That is really a funny reply to your funny text. I see where she got her humor from.

  6. Snowbrush; it depends on the problem I think, and the sensitivity of the patient. If the decay is deep enough to be close to the nerve, there's a chance any drilling will be painful. If it is just beginning, a shallow hole in the enamel, then maybe anaesthetic isn't necessary. Again, that depends on the patient. Some are so terrified, they need to be completely knocked out.

    Susan Kane; I've almost always needed a hefty dose of anaesthesia so this last visit was a real change for me. With the next visit I'll probably be needing a dose on either side of the gum; it's a big back molar that's cracked.

    Andrew; I've had too many extractions and I'm desperately trying to keep what I have left.

    fishducky; we all love K! She's quiet and shy until she gets to know people, and prefers not to have to interact with them face to face unless she has to. Just like me. But she's brilliant, with an IQ much, much higher than mine. Not Mensa level, but very smart.

    Elephant's Child; she is a star, one of heaven's brightest, that just somehow fell into my family.

    Cheryl; the bad stuff is coming up, my next visit promises to be a tough one. But anaesthetics are much better than they used to be.
    K does have a great sense of humour, a bit on the black side sometimes, but that's the same for most of the family. My youngest son is quite the comedian, very popular at his work.

    1. “Snowbrush; it depends on the problem I think, and the sensitivity of the patient.”

      I simply meant to say that anesthesia is SOMETIMES not needed, and that the because it’s not needed, the only painful part of the procedure will be the shot. People demand them out of misplaced fear, and dentists give them because it’s easier to give into that fear than to reason with the patient. It’s also true that dentists don’t always know for sure if a shot is needed. When the dentists I’ve had realized I’m serious about not wanting a shot, they tell me to raise my hand if it turns out that I need one. I’ve yet to raise my hand. This is something that I’ve had years with experience with. My experience means nothing to my own wife (so why should it mean anything your readers) because she’s more afraid of the possibility of unknown pain from the drill than she is from the known pain and two hours of numbness from the shot. To me, dental visits are less fearful if I don’t need a shot. Now, if the dentist assures me that I need a shot for a particular procedure, I never argue with him, because I’m not a masochist.

    2. I knew what you meant, but thank you.

  7. Like mother like daughter or whatever that saying is. Love her reply to you :)

  8. Margaret-whiteangel; she's a real treasure and my go-to whiz-kid when I don't understand what to do with my computer.

  9. I'm glad to hear all went well with the dentist. :)

  10. Lee; not half as glad as I was, I bet :)

  11. How neat that you are so close you can just let yourselves into each others' houses. I have missed your posts while I was away. :)


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