a tale of two eggs

There they were, two eggs, sitting in their little cardboard box in the fridge.
The last two of a dozen brought to me by my T, from her chooks.

I was standing in my kitchen looking at these eggs, knowing that I needed one of them for something, but I couldn't remember what.
So I put them back in the fridge and went about my day.

A little washing, a little sweeping, read the paper, shampooed my hair....usual Sunday stuff.
Still couldn't remember what I needed an egg for, so I hard-boiled both of them for sandwiches.

Fast forward to near dinnertime and I thought about preparing a frittata with the left over veggies from last night.
Mash the veggies together, add an egg........oh sh**!!

I ate spaghetti instead.


  1. Hi. This is Robert, your number one suitor. You can't have your egg and eat it too, especially in the Housing Commission. Trying for twice is what gave you the prize.

  2. Not sure what that means, but it may impress.

  3. Gives a whole new meaning to having egg on your face.

  4. I do that far too often. It is nice to hear that someone else has the same problem. Frustrating though.

  5. Delores; not quite what I said. Mine went something like aaaarrrgh!!

    Joanne; see above.

    R.H. I'm consoled by the fact that today's lunchtime egg sandwich was very nice.

    windsmoke; yes.

    EC; you too? yes, frustrating.

  6. LOL, I do that sort of thing all the time. So funny!

  7. At least you ate your eggs - I'm more likely to put them in the dirty clothes basket and fling some socks in the frypan!

    LC found my mobile phone folded up in the bed-sheets the other day....

  8. It's nice that you know where your eggs came from. At least you got to enjoy them, even if it wasn't in a frittata!

  9. It's always the eggs that you get you!

  10. Tempo; funnier now than it was then.

    Kath Lockett; tell me...do fried socks taste okay? you've been texting in your sleep haven't you. At least you don't leave your phone in taxis or buses.

    Sarah; they're very nice eggs too.

    CarrieBoo; sometimes it's the tomatoes. I forget I have them, then they're slush when I finally remember.


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