we have you surrounded

It's like an old cop show, "We have you surrounded, Come out with your hands up"
Ha Ha
They haven't come to get me, no one is ready to lock me up.
Not yet anyway.
But my building is surrounded.

By scaffolding.

A crew of painters has been working their way around the complex, repainting gutters, eaves, balconies, hand rails and the exterior walls.

You can see this makes getting in and out of my front door a little tricky.
Duck under the cross bars, step over the bottom rail....

Almost completely surrounded.
This will be up for about a week.

Sadly, they don't have the time or budget to do things like sanding back, repairing holes etc, they just slap on the paint in the same colours, but still, it gives that "shiny and new" feel when it's done.


  1. You be careful in the dead of night. Too bad we're not young enough to enjoy it.

  2. Joanne; I don't go out after dark so I'm perfectly safe.

  3. As a country kid you should know your way around a set of Monkey Bars River. I can see you swinging from rail to rail on your way through to the outside world...

  4. I remember Monkey Bars. I hope it does indeed feel shiny and new for you when the refurbishment is finished.

  5. Amazing what a lick of paint can do (hide).

  6. Your place is two-storey? Bedroom upstairs?

    As a veteran Peeping Tom I find this terribly exciting.

  7. Tempo; I didn't dare swing from the rails. One set of wheels on a tall support was right on the edge of the concrete. I know they were locked in place, but I didn't want to risk it.

    EC; monkey bars were fun. the paint does look nice now that it's finished. It went quicker than I thought and the crew has moved across the driveway to the final set of flats.

    CarrieBoo; a lick of paint hides a lot. A LOT.

    R.H. the building is two storey. Two flats upstairs, two flats downstairs. I'm downstairs and there's a zombie upstairs.

    peskypixies; it is noice now it's done.


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