Sunday Selections #82

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

Begun by Kim, of Frog Ponds Rock, as a weekly meme to show off all your unseen photos, now continued by me, but without the linky list thingy.

This week I show you two sides of July-early August in Adelaide, Australia.

Rainy skies,



oh look! another rainbow!

Mid to late July sees many of our different Wattles beginning to bloom.

This pale lemon scented wattle is one of my favourites.
The scent is very delicate, almost unnoticeable, until you bring the bloom right up to your nose.

More of our wattles are this lovely yellow colour.

Many of them come in this little puff-ball style.

In varying shades of yellows and golds.


  1. I love rainbows and wattles so really like this post. Thank you so much.
    There is now a red wattle as well, but I think it should be called something else. Wattles should be yellow or gold.

  2. Rainbows and flowering Wattles are always a welcome sight with spring just around the corner.

  3. EC; a RED wattle? That doesn't seem quite right. Has someone been cross-breeding like they do with roses? Now I'm curious to see what it looks like.

    Windsmoke; I always like seeing the first wattles begin, it heralds the ending of cold wintry days soon.

  4. Funny that you should have posted wattle because this morning on my way to the shop in beautiful sunshine, I realised that there isn't a wattle tree to be seen.
    When I moved here I could always smell the blossoms but thanks to housing developers they're all gone.

  5. JahTeh; you're kidding!! Not a single wattle? That's just shameful. Maybe you should plant one. They're everywhere here in Adelaide.

  6. ooh! we love catching rainbows too!


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