So. I've been to the dentist. Again.

It's Friday, (but you all knew that already), the day I don't go to work.
The day I save for paying rent, doing the washing, and going to Ikea.
Mmm, Ikea.
And for appointments if they're on the calendar.
Like the doctor and the dentist.

Today I had a dental appointment that had been rescheduled from last month.
I had two huge broken fillings which needed repair, but only one could be done.
The other had broken too badly, there just wasn't enough of it left.
That one just got smoothed off so the rough broken edges no longer scraped my inner cheek.

The repaired one, done four hours ago, is still numb.
I've been waiting for the tingling that heralds the waking up of the nerves, but it hasn't happened yet.
Earlier I managed a cup of coffee without dribbling too much of it, and now, I've just finished a bowl of delicious hot garlic vegetable soup. Without dribbling too much.

It really is a weird sensation, sipping coffee and soup with half my mouth asleep.

Anyway, the dentist has recommended that I get a few crowns done on some of my teeth.

It's been said to me before, but this new dentist went as far as telling me why it would be a good idea.
In the lower left quarter of my mouth, I have only one lonely molar left.
It's heavily filled.
It's probably 95% filling.
An island of filling in an ocean of gum.
If that tooth/filling should break as many others have done, it couldn't be repaired.
(I may have to give up eating nuts and chewing steak).
Having it crowned would add strength and support to that one remaining tooth.

Having crowns put onto several of the other heavily filled teeth would protect them from cracking and breaking also. I may still have to give up eating nuts.....and other chewy things, like sticks of molasses licorice.

The dentist then went on to say that my private health cover should allow for one crown per year, and by doing one per year, I could manage to save enough cash to cover the gap fee.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

On a brighter note, today I received my gas bill in the mail.
"No payment required"
Hooray for weekly advance payments!!


  1. Poor River. My dentist is a truly lovely woman and I hate going anywhere near her. I don't like the sounds, the smells or anthing else about a dentist's surgery. And go twice a year only because they have finally convinced me it is a good idea.

  2. It sounds like fairly good news all round really, no root canals, no extensive work...all good then

  3. Best take advantage of the coverage if you can. My dentist advised that the white crowns look very natural and the gold crowns are cheaper and last longer. Since mine don't show when I smile I opted for the gold. I have more gold in my mouth than I have in my jewellery box lol.

  4. I have a thing about keeping my teeth in good repair. I would say my mouth is the equavilent of two or three expensive automobiles, but actually, my dentists were able to buy those autos.

  5. Hi River,

    Just had a crown myself. The dentist has driven me nuts to have it replaced for about 2 years. I finally succumbed.

    Looks good though ...




  6. EC; I don't mind going to the dentist, it's the cost that's kept me away for so long. Now that I have cheaper rent, I'm able to set aside some $$$ towards things like teeth repair and maintenance.

    Tempo; things are looking good all round for me now.

    Delores; mine will be metal, but probably not gold. I would only get white ones on visible teeth, the "smile zone".

    Joanne; I've probably bulked up a few dentist's accounts too. I've inherited my mum's bad teeth, so now there are quite a few missing and the rest are 80%-95% filling.

    Plasman; I'm hoping the crowns will last a few years at least. I hear stories about people cracking them or breaking them off.

  7. HHHMMMmmm... sounds like you've got a great excuse to switch from real food to chocolate!!

  8. I love it when professionals like that explain their recommendations. It makes perfect sense to them, but I cannot grasp what the heck they're on about until they lay it out like your dentist did. The plan sounds reasonable enough to me!

  9. Red Nomad; I see a lot of soups in my future.

    Melissa; I'll be working on it. I want to keep as many of my remaining teeth as I can.

  10. Ughhh crowns are SO EXPENSIVE! There goes Christmas for you I guess. :/

  11. Dentists provide professional care and in-depth procedures to help patients having long-term dental health.

  12. I know what you are going through. A health condition has taken its toll on my teeth and now I also need to get some crowns. It is a costly endeavor and I'll just have to take my time to get it done.


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