I have instructions

....and like the good little girl that I am, I shall follow them.
And hopefully, Internet Explorer will be replaced with Google Chrome.

Even more hopefully, I'll be able to follow the GC system and still access my emails and blogs.

If I was a nail-biter, I'd be chewing down to the quick by now.
But I'm not, and the nails are already broken down to the quick....so I'll have to do my worrying internally.
Indigestion city, here I come.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of quotes to keep you thinking.

Quote one, from The Well of Ascension;

A man can only stumble for so long before he either falls or stands up straight.

Quote two, also from the Well of Ascension;

...he absolutely hated fighting with strangers,.....an odd attribute in one who was hired, essentially, to hit people.

Quote three, from a elderly customer at work yesterday;

I'm getting better and better at being worse.

Said as he fumbled through every pocket in his wallet, looking for his FlyBuys card.


  1. I do hope that Google Chrome is nice to you. And sadly, I relate very strongly to your customer at work.

  2. EC; google chrome is great so far. Now I'm having trouble with my kindle.

  3. There should be a name for the feeling you have when you are about to embark on a significant change to your computer. Mild panic comes to mind, but not quite that bad.

  4. Andrew; I'd say mild panic covers it nicely. Or nail-biting anxiety, hair-tearing confusion. Then the extreme relief when it turns out okay.


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