Sunday Selections #84

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

I was really worried (read panicky) that I wouldn't be able to do any more Sunday Selections, since this is primarily a photo post and IE isn't supported by Blogger, so my pictures weren't loading.

I'd be lost without my photo posts...

So, I fixed that problem with an email to my girl K, who emailed me a link to instructions, which I followed and now have Google Chrome as my browser.

Zippity-doo-dah and hip, hip, hooray!

With no further delay, I bring you this week's selection of photos, taken in the pre-dawn hour as I walked to work a couple of years ago.

Dillon's Bookshop on Norwood Parade at the corner of Norwood Mall.
I've spent a lot of time here. Dillon's Music store is right next door, I've spent more than a few dollars there buying dvds in the past.

The entrance to Norwood Mall.

Halfway up the Mall is Uncle Albert's cafe restaurant. This is the outdoor eating area. Tables and chairs are brought out each morning when the cafe opens and are soon filled with people having coffee or breakfast, later there is the lunch crowd.

This is the near empty carpark area at the back of the shops. It's an enclosed area with shops on all four sides and little lanes connecting the carpark with the main roads and the mall.

This is one of the laneways from the carpark area to the Mall, with Coles on the left and the Norwood Butcher shop on the right. Directly opposite you'll notice an awning, this belongs to Duffy's Bakery.


  1. I'm delighted you have sorted out your photo problem thanks to your friend :)
    There's a very tranquil yet somewhat haunting feel to your photos. I rather like that time of the morning when you can be alone with your thoughts before the hustle and bustle of life begins.
    Thank you and have a peaceful day.

  2. Yay. I am so glad that Chrome sorted out your difficulties. And I loved these early morning shots - a beautiful time of day with a light all of its own. Thanks.

  3. Last week on holiday I sneaked out of my hotel room for a smoke at 6 am and ended up taking a walk around Cairns. It was quiet, no traffic, and I felt like a Lord. A bloke setting things up in a cafe waved to me as I wandered past and across the road in a park I found a grand memorial to a pair of philanthropist spinster ladies. 1956.
    People are a distraction, you can't think, back at the hotel my consort got up and was ready to tour, I'd already done mine.

  4. It's always a strange feeling when no one is around, almost like you own the world, and yes, there is a light all to its self at that hour. Beautiful shots.

  5. klahanie; I used to love walking to work in the very early hours. Now that I've moved I have to catch two buses to get there and two again to get home. But the much cheaper rent makes it worth it.

    EC; even in the winter the early mornings had a magic to them.

    R.H. it's a great time of day to be out and alone with your thoughts.

    The Wicked Writer; that's what I felt. The world was mine, I owned the streets.

  6. So glad you got that sorted out River, very nice to have you 100% back.

  7. Tempo; thanks, it's nice to be here.

  8. What a great idea ... I loved Sunday Selection because I have years worth of what my husband calls "pictures I will never use" that are perfect for this meme. I will be back next Sunday to join in. Love your mall ... looks like a place I would like to go shopping in. Thanks again River ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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