Whimsical Wednesday #35

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday.
Middle of the week.
Hump day.
With a googled giggle to help you over the hump and sliding down into the weekend.

spider fries and a saucy cockroach.
or hermit crab fries?


  1. Now that's a good one. But really now, who has the time to put all these things together?

  2. Delores; I don't know who, I suspect there is more than one person out there, but we're grateful for their expertise.

  3. Thanks River. Loud smiles from here.

  4. It's a bettter hermit crab than a spider. Easier on the eye.

  5. EC; I thought I heard you smiling...

    Joanne; not a spider fan? Hermit crabs are cute, my daughter had one once. It escaped in her bedroom and was never seen again.

  6. Ack!

    The stuff of creepy, fastfood nightmares!!


    p.s. I really do admire this kind of creativity...

  7. Cro Magnon; ha ha

    Pearl; since I don't have a single creative bone in my body, I'm in awe of people who can see things like this in their humble foodstuffs.

  8. My brother and his wife had a hermit crab for years - he used to eat the occasional sultana (took him a couple of days) and scritch around in his tank. Not sure if he ever met a sachet of sauce though.

  9. Think I'll pass the fries to hubby next time... so creative! :)

  10. Kath Lockett; I used to have my K's crab crawling on my hands, until he escaped one day.

    CarrieBoo; does your hubby get creative with his food?


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