now, about these Daleks...

I have a question, a thought or three,
...we all know about the Daleks, yes, even you, over there in the corner, trying to hide.

 Anyway, these Daleks, their one purpose, the reason for their existence, is to exterminate everyone, human or otherwise, that isn't Dalek.

Let's imagine, for oh...half a minute....that they manage to do this.

Throughout the universe, the known universe and the unknown, undiscovered bits, there are no other beings left but Daleks.

Daleks that have been programmed to do nothing but exterminate all other life forms.

What do they do now?

Do they wander their new home planets practising saying "exterminate, exterminate, exterminate"?

Do they just sit there saying "well, this is boring, there's nothing and no-one left to exterminate."

"Should we have a picnic?"

Do they turn on each other?

Do they just quietly rust away?

Maybe I should just wander off and cook my breakfast...........


  1. I don't imagine they have given much though to what comes next....whoever built them and programmed them will be exterminated so I guess they will just sit there like the rusted hunks of junk they are. celebrate..celebrate

  2. They'd probably turn on each other so the universe can rebuild itself. Breakfast sounds like a better idea.

  3. Breakfast is a much, much better idea. As a young thing I was afraid of Daleks, and that was without the thought you have given them...
    I have decided preference about which Doctor I would want to save me from them as well.

  4. I have a friend and this is true, who is a college lecturer on Dr. Who and those pesky Daleks.
    His house is a museum of memorabilia from the show. There are some Daleks in his home and next time I see him, I shall ask them what's happening.
    Then again, I'm off for some breakfast :)

  5. My brother is building a Dalek named Brian. When he can talk, I'll ask him.

  6. I don't think they care, they don't really have emotions so I doubt they'll get bored. I wanna know where Davros is hiding!

  7. I think of these daleks as a metaphor for politicians sometimes and your thoughts that eventually after they've exterminated all there is and are then left to rust seems apt.

  8. Delores; you're probably right, celebrate, celebrate.

    Windsmoke; breakfast was a great idea! Scrambled eggs on toast, yum

    EC; I was never afraid of the Daleks, and I'm confused about the Doctors too.

    klahanie; his house is a museum? I only have one dalek bottle opener, which says exterminate when used. I used to have a TARDIS moneybox, but gave it away to a three year old who loved it.

    Toni; a Dalek named Brian....

    Fenstar de Luxe; who is Davros?

    Elsiabeth; Daleks = politicians, that's good.

  9. Now you've done it! You just wrecked Dr Who for the entire world.... Fancy questioning the reason for the program. I think the whole point of the Dr is not to question Why? If you do you realize there really is no point to it at all.

    Can I go back to my corner now?

  10. Tempo; I should keep my irrational thoughts to myself then?

  11. Love this post! LOL. That is a very good question. I wish I had thought of it! :) They'd have to start turning on one another, I imagine. Or maybe they'd begin harvesting life purely to pop a shot at it, and hold little exterminating conventions... keep score and what not.

  12. Entirely rational thoughts of course, it's the program thats irrational....

  13. Hahaha! That's a very good question!! I can see a whole new Dr Who series revolving around answering that!!!

    Hire yourself out to them as a consultant and make sure they answer the question properly!!!

  14. Hi River,

    I am a sad geeky Whovian and I can tell you this - when the Daleks have killed every other sentient species in the Universe they will fight each other.

    The Dalek Civil War will be the war to end all wars.

    But really, you and I know that they will fail to exterminate all other secies - because of your hero and mine - Dr Who himself.




  15. CarrieBoo; exterminating conventions! The mind boggles.

    Tempo; now that you mention it, I don't think I have many rational thoughts.

    Red Nomad; anything that brings up a new Dr Who series is fine with me.

    Plasman; You're right, The Doctor does keep stopping them.

  16. If you know daleks how can you not know who Davros is m'dear? Google him!

  17. Fenstar de Luxe; googling now...

  18. fantastic post River, I guess they'd just have to turn on themselves, as others have said.

  19. The Wicked Writer; welcome to drifting. I had a little look at your blog and liked what I saw. I'll have a longer look on the weekend.


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