taking the new browser for a test drive

I already had Google Chrome downloaded, just wasn't sure how to make it my default browser and still access my blog here and also my emails over at yahoo7.

So I followed K's link to the instructions and here I am.
Trying out the new browser.

I'll try uploading the googled picture I wanted for last Wednesday's Whimsical day.
Cross your fingers....

Ha Ha!! It worked!
And very quickly too.
For all the bacon lovers out there, bacon roses.

Now for one of my own photos....

Well, that worked too and faster than IE.

These are the roses I received at work for my birthday.
I took this photo the day after I got them.
I still have the roses, but they're looking a little droopy now and I'll probably throw them out tomorrow.

Having surprised myself and done this successfully, I think I'll go to bed.
I need my sleep to be bright and perky tomorrow, to work on my Sunday Selections post.


  1. Happy Birthday week! That's a tough call between real roses and bacon roses...

  2. Another technological success...whoohoo and Happy Birthday. Pass the bacon.

  3. Yay!!!!! and Happy Birthday too

  4. Yea, bacon roses. I prefer dear old IE myself, and use it for everything except blogging. I have blogger favorites who use Discus for comments (whatever that is), and I can't comment until I go over to Chrome to read their blog.

    It's all about business and $$$$$$$. Google owns Chrome and Blogger and also wants to own the world. Since I'm no good at figuring out new stuff, IE is still my home and Chrome is just another icon on my desk top. Take that, Google!

    End of rant. Happy Birthday!

  5. Hi River,

    I haven't used IE for a while. I am a Chrome man - but I occasionally use Firefox too.

    Mind you, if you want to get technical ... - er no! Let's not! I would rant from now until the end of time!

    Anyway - glad that you have solved your problem.




  6. CarrieBoo; thank you, the flowers do look very real don't they?

    Delores; changing over was easier than expected. Usually I have my daughter do things like this while I watch and take notes. It seems I've absorbed enough to be able to follow long distance instructions without calling for help.

    Molly; I'm so glad (and thank you). I would have been lost without my photo posts.

    Joanne; I preferred IE for years, mostly because it was what I was used to, but over time it was becoming more and more inefficient, especially with blog posts and internet searches. And very slow too. Google Chrome is faster. Switching is easy, if you feel you want to, I can email you the instructions, or I can post them here. Since you already have it downloaded it won't take much time.
    Disqus is a PITA sometimes.

    Plasman; I'd love to get technical, but my brain just doesn't work that way. although I am managing things a lot easier than when I first had a clunky old desktop back in 1998. Old dogs=new tricks and all that.

  7. I love Chrome. I'm so pleased you worked it out, River, isn't it great when you learn a new trick! well done :)
    PS I would eat those bacon roses in a heartbeat.

  8. Toni; it was much easier than I expected. I'd love to receive a bacon bouquet one day.

    peskypixies; one problem sorted, one still to be worked out.

    Happy Elf Mom; I said something similar, then it was very late and I had to sleep.

    EC; I'll be here.

  9. um, I thought they were...and me with new glasses too lol. Cudos on figuring out the Chrome, and pretty roses too.

  10. Oh dear, I definitely need glasses! I thought those bacon roses were real roses but have a bacon hue until I read the comments above and went back to have a closer examination!! What will they think of next?

    Thank you for sharing the photos and well done in switching browser.

    Now I can tell you that The Age reported a survey has showed that IE explorer users have lower than average IQ. Rob read the article and immediately demanded that we switch away from IE. So, we tried Firefox forst but it seems not to be compatible twith Yahoo, and we switched again to Chrome which works well, muc faster than IE.

  11. Oh, I should clarify that the IQ report turned out to be a hoax. ;-)
    Maybe a stunt of Firefox or Chrome to trick people like us! Who has a lower IQ? ;-)

  12. The Wicked Writer; when I first saw those bacon roses I was sure they were real, I didn't realise they were bacon until I expanded the image. My birthday roses are looking really sad now, very droopy. Tomorrow is definitely throw out day.

    drb; some people have wonderful imaginations and are very clever tinkering with foods. Glad the IQ report was a hoax. I have no idea what my IQ is, never been tested, I know I'm not the smartest person around, but I get by. And at least I'm not a blithering idiot.


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