finger-lickin' yumminess

On Sunday I made one of my favourite recipes, devilled chicken wings.
I've posted the recipe before, so I won't put it here again, but I will show you a picture.

Most of the ingredients.

Fresh from the oven finger-lickin' yumminess.

In the summer I'll often bake these first thing in the morning while the air is still coolish, then at dinner time just get them out of the fridge and serve with salad.
In the cooler months, it's mashed potatoes and greens. Yum.


  1. They look so good I'd like a couple for breakfast now.

  2. Andrew; you have two options.
    1. Bake some.
    2. Race to Adelaide and grab my leftovers, they're in the fridge.

  3. I think I should make some for the kids.

  4. Man River, if I lived alone I'm not sure if I would ever eat anything outside of a bowl of cereal...I give you props!

  5. Toni; they'll become a favourite in no time. They're messy finger food, have plenty of napkins handy.

    Jennifer Kay; there's lots of times I eat just a bowl of soup, but it's home made soup with lots of veg. I like to cook.

    R.H. Why yes, yes I am. (she brags)

    EC; there's lots of leftovers now the kids aren't with me. Bowls and bowls of stuff in the freezer.

  6. The Wicked Writer; the recipe was posted quite some time back, if you find it you can bake these for yourself.

  7. The Wicked Writer; I posted it on Friday October 21, 2011. I can't do a link, so you'll have to go to the archives for it.

  8. Yum, I bet there nice.
    I love spuicy food and make a similar hot Texas wings from time to time, like you I prefer to cook them early in the day but I eat them at room temp with lots of fresh bread.
    (Damn, you went and made me hungry for them now...)

  9. Oh River,
    Thank you so much for telling the date of the recipe. I was thinking in my head how could I find it...

    Definitely cooking some on Saturday!

  10. Yeap, copied your recipe and devilled wings pic. Thank you again! :-)

  11. Make your devilled wings, they were finger licking good. Will definitely feature it regularly on our menu in the house. Thank you for sharing!


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