Here's an easy challenge

This was sent to me by no-one who found it on tumblr.

The 30-Day Challenge you'll actually finish.

01.  Put off something important.
02.  Don't clean your bathroom.
03.  Feel socially awkward.
04.  Waste time on the internet.
05.  Draw a picture of an invisible werewolf.
06.  Lay in your bed for a while.
07.  Doubt yourself.
08.  Waste time on the internet.
09.  Eat a food.
10.  Wear some clothes.
11.  Complain about something or someone.
12.  Waste time on the internet.
13.  Daydream about bacon.  (changed from fap, because I have no idea what that is)
14.  Go for a long the couch
15.  Waste time on the internet.
16.  Look at pictures of cats online.
17.  Skip social event to stay home.
18.  Sit on something.
19.  Make a list of things to do, then don't do them.
20.  Waste time on the internet.
21.  Think about how awesome tacos are.
22.  Read a word.
23.  Use a bathroom (any bathroom).
24.  Waste time on the internet.
25.  Feel sleepy.
26.  Eat too many potato chips.
27.  Waste time on the internet.
28.  Be jealous of someone.
29.  Breathe some air.
30.  Waste time on the internet.

Easiest challenge ever!


  1. Hi River,

    Did all that today...




  2. Sounds like real life, no effort required.

  3. Now that's my kind of list..although, ahem, I may have a little trouble wasting time on the internet.

  4. Perfect. I couldn't add one single thing.

  5. Love this! I'm sure I will give it my best to complete this challenge.

    The internet one might be tricky;)

  6. I'm getting through the list at a cracking pace. I never knew I had so much energy.

  7. I think I can, I think I can.
    Thanks River.

  8. Plasman; completed in one day? You're a champion!

    Windsmoke; as it should be.

    Delores; I have NO trouble wasting time on the internet.

    Joanne; I could probably add a few, but that would make it way too long a challenge.

    Sarah; I think you'll manage this just fine.

    peskypixies; I thought you would.

    Andrew; nice to know I've motivated you!

    EC; I know you can, I know you can.

  9. LOL! I feel quite accomplished all of a sudden.


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