Testing, testing....

I'm going to try uploading two images.
One will be a photo that I have taken myself,
the other will be a googled image that I saved to my files.

Here goes......

do you see any photos here?

No, I don't either, how very disappointing.

Let's try a saved googled image....

Nope, nothing here either.

We all know I'm not much good at actual writing content, so I use a lot of pictures instead.
Now that option is unavailable, I'm stuck with......well, nothing.

Since moving here, my internet connections have been iffy, just lately it's been worse than that.
I wonder if the work being done on the NBN has anything to do with that?
It does look as if I'll be going back to just reading blogs, leaving a comment here and there, (but not everywhere because some of the blogs I read no longer have a comment button), and very occasionally updating my own blog.

If I can think of something to write about.

Don't be surprised if the Sunday Selections doesn't appear, that's a photo post and as we've just seen, all of my filed images are unavailable to me.


  1. Oh no! and I thought you might have cracked it. Never mind, don't give up, there must be a solution out there somewhere. My broadband connection has been pretty dire too. I'm on BT - I rang them up and things seem to have improved a bit - they are also sending a new updated hub(freeby) tomorrow. If all else fails try a bit of pester power with the powers that be - might help. Molly.

  2. Poor girl...keep at it, you'll crack the code yet.

  3. Oh no! I would shrivel away with a good internet connection. Sad to say. Hope you can find a solution. x

  4. Keep at it....please

  5. Maybe someone has mentioned this. Maybe it's your browser, not your ISP. I have to manage blogger on Chrome; Blogger no longer supports Explorer and in the same spirit of competition may no longer support Firefox.

  6. Arg, you are such a photo tease! Clicked through so I could SEE PHOTOS. I hope you get the problem fixed soon!!

  7. Molly; I'm glad you are getting your problem fixed. I'd have no idea which power to be pestering. Others have suggested it might be the browser, I may try changing to another one.

    Delores; I'll keep trying, it may be a matter of timing.

    Wanderlust; I'm shutting down sooner each day and reading more books.

    peskypixies; I will, but I get discouraged pretty easily, because I don't have a clue.

    Joanne; someone else has suggested Google Chrome. I was thinking of trying Firefox, but another blogger is having trouble with it. I don't see why Blogger has to be choosy, can't they support a range of browsers? I've been with IE since I first bought a computer in the 90s.

    Happy Elf Mom; were the photos on this particular testing post?? or on earlier posts?

  8. Happy Elf Mom; sorry, I misunderstood you. You were hoping to see photos.

  9. Keep trying everything, you will eventually get through. We're patient, we'll wait!

  10. Oh River. I am so so sorry. Keep on trying, because I love your posts. And the essential you is here without the photos.

  11. Tempo; I really don't know what to try. Usually I open the new post window, click on the add picture icon, choose a photo which then uploads and I add it to my post. Easy-peasy. When this doesn't happen, I'm totally clueless and lost. If the answer is changing browsers because Blogger no longer supports IE, then that's what I'll have to do.

    EC; it's very frustrating. As I said to Tempo above there, I'm so clueless when things don't work the way I've known them to.

  12. HeptaparaparshinokhAugust 23, 2012 at 10:42 PM

    Hi, your only option, I'm afraid, is to switch browsers. Firefox and Chrome are very good, secure and easy to use browsers. You will find very little difference in the user interface.
    However, i disagree about something you said; your written content is excellent. It's the reason I read your blog.

  13. Heptaparaparshinokh is right, your written content is awesome, and in sept you will have Dr.Who to write about. keep trucking lady, and try chrome, it works really well once you get used to it.

  14. Heptaparaparshinokh; I'll be visiting my daughter this weekend and getting her to help me switch browsers. She's good with this sort of thing. And thank you for the encouraging words about my written work.

    The Wicked Writer; thank you too, for the comment about my writing.
    I'm currently (right at this moment) watching an episode of Dr Who with the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River Song and they're killing Hitler or something. It's a little confusing as River Song is Amy and Rory's daughter Melody, she is also a Time Lord and eventually marries the Doctor. There is a lot of time re-writing going on somehow.

  15. The Wicked Writer; well, it wasn't Hitler. River Song, who doesn't yet know she is River Song is trying to kill the Doctor.

  16. lol, it's a very confusing episode all right, as River and the doctors time lines are going in opposite directions, they keep meeting up in the wrong order, that little blue book she has been seen handling in previous, and even some later episodes, is the diary, this helps them both figure out where exactly in time they are.

    The Melody Pond in the 'killing hitler' ep, is the younger version / regeneration of River Song, and yes, she's the ponds daughter, but they and she don't know it yet. It's a fun ep especially if you like River.


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