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Final Empire.

Book one in the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.
I don't have a photo of the cover, because I have this on my kindle instead.

So here's a couple of quotes.....

"...the entire point of life is to find ways to get others to do your work for you..."

"It's an interesting question. By influencing her emotions, did you take away her ability to choose? If, for instance, she were to kill or steal while under your control, would the crime be hers or yours?"

My daughter K first mentioned these books to me a long while back but I hadn't paid attention and forgot about them.  Silly me.
More recently we were discussing books and my son J said I should read the Mistborn trilogy.

So I downloaded them, yes, all three books, that very same day,  ignored all the other stories already on the kindle and started reading Final Empire.  I was hooked within the first chapter.

Book two is titled The Well of Ascension.
Book three is titled The Hero of Ages.

Surprisingly, there is a fourth boook. Guess the trilogy was just too good to end, the people (publishers?) wanted more.
Book four is titled The Alloy of Law. 

I haven't downloaded that one yet. But I will. Oh yes, I will.


  1. One of my nephews lent me Final Empire but I haven't really looked at it. The excerpts you quoted have made me realise that I should. Thank you.

  2. EC; I was beginning to think all my friends had deserted me.
    It's interesting enough to make me want to keep reading when I should be getting downstairs to start my shift at work.


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