Angel's Antics

Last week I showed you Angel playing with his Cat Dancer toy in the kitchen.

He soon grew too tall and the toy had to be moved where I could attach it to a higher position. Here he is again.

I've hooked the cat dancer to the middle hinge on the front door.

stretch and jump

and slide down the door

he's almost dancing

getting ready

leaping high

planning the next assault

here we go again

time for a break.


  1. A genius toy. That last picture's caption might be "What cat dancer toy? What you talking about? You never saw me jumping around for a toy!"

  2. Wow. A well deserved break. He is a stunning (and beautiful) little athlete, dancer, charmer...

  3. I look forward very much to my Saturday dose of Angel. I love his bushy tail. He's the sweetest little fellow; and he's stolen not only your heart, but ours, too.

    Have a good weekend, River and a cuddle for Angel from me. :)

  4. He's quite the acrobat.

  5. Action Angel. Cats are funny how after such exertions, they stop dead, but often with a twitching tail.

  6. Hi River,

    I think we need a video.




  7. Joanne; he did used to stop when he caught me watching him, now he's taken to swatting at the bedroom one in the middle of the night.

    Elephant's Child; wouldn't we love to have that energy and flexibility!

    Lee; I don't know how many more there will be. photos of him sleeping can get boring.

    Delores; he does jump well, I think he has spring loaded legs.

    Andrew; I'm the same, a burst of activity followed by a catnap. I can lie down, drop off to sleep and wake up in 40 minutes. but my tail doesn't twitch.

    plasman; video will be hard to get. Angel sits and poses now when he sees the camera. I had to sneak today's photos over several hours.

    joeh; see above comment.

  8. I love these pics! WOW does he have energy!! ZOOM!

  9. Stretch, jump, slide, pounce. Repeat.

    He's one super fit kitty :)

  10. I love the in action shots. :) What a fluffy tail Angel has!

  11. Happy Elf Christine; half an hour of that and he sleeps for the afternoon. Or two hours at least.

    Vicki; imagine how super fit we would be if we all did a bit of that every day.

    Snoskred; his tail amazes me, he must get that and his fluffy coat from his unknown dad. His mum has a regular tail and shorter coat.

  12. He is so athletic isn't he? Although Precious was grey with tabby marking on her face and tail your Angels in the last picture reminds me so much of her.
    He is truly a beautiful boy.
    P.S. Hope his claws don't scratch your paintwork on the door. Just a thought. Not wanting to put a damper on his fun.

  13. Mimsie; doors can be repainted. Unfortunately the polished tabletop cannot...and the scratches on the arms of the leather couch are there forever. Doesn't matter. Angel is soft and fluffy like your Precious was. Not as long haired though.


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