Norwood Shopping Centres - for Marie

My friend Marie, who now lives in Sweden, has mentioned that she used to live in a suburb near mine and remembers the Norwood shopping centres way back when there was a pokey little Woolworths supermarket and across the road a pokey little Foodland supermarket.
So this morning I took a few photos of what Norwood Mall and Norwood Place look like now.

Today's photos all feature Norwood Place, which houses Foodland and the Post Office.  I have a photo of the named entrance, but it's in a different folder and I can't find it.

 These big doors are the main shopping centre entrance on The Parade.

 This is the Foodland supermarket, stretching almost the entire length of the centre now, and it's on the opposite side from where it used to be. It's bigger, brighter and very popular.

 These are a few of the shops on the side where Foodland used to be. Amart Allsports, SpecSavers (green), Parade Cellars (the yellow and black signs), on the right you can see just the edge of Jack's Cafe which is situated in the middle of the centre.

 Further down on that left side is Metropolitan Fresh, the fruit & veg shop. This is where I buy a lot of my stuff. Then there is Feast@TheParade, where I buy my meat, next to that is the Fish shop, rivalling Angelakis Bros in popularity.

 Just behind Jack's Cafe is a Brumby's Bakery, I love their maple pecan pastries too much...

 ...and a Chicken Made Easy. I buy Satay Skewers from here and honey-soy chicken wings too, when I can't be bothered making my own. Buy, bake, eat. Yum.

 Here's a closeup of the Specsavers and Sip'n'Save which is part of the Parade Cellars.

 Jack's Cafe inside....

...and Cibo's on the outside, on the Parade.

Come and visit again tomorrow for photos of Norwood Mall on the opposite side of The Parade.


  1. More years ago than I care to count I sublet a flat in Norwood for a while. I wouldn't recognise it now!!
    Thanks River.

  2. EC; you're welcome. I've only been here 8 years and already it's changed so much.

  3. These photos will be invaluable in the future. You have captured a moment in time. There are probably not many photos of a local shopping centre such as you have taken. How many photos of the old place were taken? Probably none and it only lives in memories and the history is lost. I really think people in the future won't be interested in our technology of now. They will be interested in the banal and everyday things from the past that are so remote from what they now know. (What? You had to go out to get food?)

  4. Andrew; when I first moved here 8 years ago it was all so very different and if I'd had a working camera I would have taken photos, especially once I heard that Woolworths was being replaced with Coles. After Woolies closed, so did Foodland, so Norwood had no supermarket at all for a few months, until Coles opened. When the new Foodland opened a lot of our customers went there instead.

    I think you're right about people of the future, I know that I am much more interested in how people of earlier times lived their day to day lives than I am in the royalties and politics of the times.

  5. River, I hardly recognise the place! I've always lived in and around that area. As a child we lived at Kensington Gardens, then when I started uni, I rented a flat at Kensington, then a house share in Norwood, not far from The Maid and Magpie. Then I bought a villa at Rose Park, so I never really moved that far away and can remember way back when Woodies and Halls drinks factories were there, and wandering around L.C. Cann's hardware shop and getting rat faced at Leon's Bar.

    Looking at the photos of Norwood Place, I can see that the whole area looks fresh and inviting. That mall used to always be a bit grotty, especially down towards the Webbe Street end. I remember a pet shop, a small fish shop, fruit and veg shop and an old, dark Foodland. I can't remember much else in there. A shoe repair/key cutting place maybe. And Cunningham's Warehouse where Cibo now stands. (before Cunninghams was there, that used to be Woolies until they built across the road) And there was a Greek deli on the other side. I used to buy feta, olives and antipasto there as the Cypriot guy who ran the shop was lovely.

    But in those days there was little else I liked in the area. Apart from Argo Deli a bit further up the road. Burnside Village offered so much more and in a much nicer setting, as did the little shopping centre on Stuart Road at Dulwich. And I worked just off Victoria Square, so Central Market was a must. I'd shop on Friday nights there and grab a bite to eat somewhere on Gouger Street - it was lovely!

    It's been just over 10 years since I left, so it's really interesting to see how Adelaide has both stayed much the same and changed in some ways. Norwood seems to have improved - the mix of shops is excellent and really a "one stop shop" destination. Thank you for letting me see it all in such detail.

    Funnily enough I had an Adelaide dream the other night - I was ordering a double cut corned beef and pickled onion roll at Joanne's Deli on Kensington Road. Which is odd as I'm a vegetarian!

  6. Marie; now that you mention it, I remember Cunningham warehouse and the small pet shop. The fruit shop is still there, but much bigger now as is the fish shop where I buy prawns and the occasional fish fillet. You wouldn't recognise Argo's at all. The small continental deli is still there near to Argo's, I thought it was /is Italian, not Greek. It smells wonderful inside.


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