two down, several to go

I've spent some time,( last night and this afternoon), figuring out how to do a couple more things on this new laptop. Uploading the photos from my camera was just as easy as on the old one, with one major difference. On the old laptop, I'd have to create a new folder to send them to, or select locations within existing folders.
On this one I created a new folder, but it turns out I didn't need to. The pictures all uploaded into a dated folder that the computer created. How easy is that!

Then I tried to email a picture to a friend, but couldn't work out how to do it. On the old laptop I'd select a picture, right click on the image and select the email option. Easy peasy.
On this one the option to add an attachment is on the actual email page. I worked it out after leaving a message with no-one and getting her reply with a clue today.

Next task, scan files and images into the computer. That'll be tomorrow's job.



  1. Every new task learned is a victory with a new computer.

  2. Small but steady steps - and all in the right direction. It sounds good to me. I usually have to be dragged kicking and screaming into any new computer change, so I admire that you are so methodically and carefully moving forward. If things don't work like they used to, I very quickly descend into the let's use this laptop as a frisbee mode :-)

  3. One small victory leads to more your still on a roll keep going :-).

  4. But you're getting there and learning it all by yourself, for yourself. Be proud of yourself - I am!

  5. tracy; this computer makes learning easy, mostly just plug stuff in and it installs itself ready to go.

    Marie; methodic and careful is my style. Frisbee?? Hmmm.

    Windsmoke; quite a few more thngs to learn, but I know the basics from the old laptop.

    Kath; I'm like a mum with a new baby...

  6. well done!!!!!


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