test post



  1. You're coming in loud and clear, roger, wilco, over and out :-).

  2. test post
    posted by River at Drifting through life - 1 hour ago
    testing testing ... more foldback please ...

    I got it in my feed. Glad you are up and running.
    Did you miss Blogger's own breakdown yesterday?
    Bloggers all went to their Twitter and Facebook to talk about it.

  3. Whatever you're doing is working - that's if you were trying to post a Fringe poster pic!!

    Hope your weekend is going great!

  4. I can see you, and from the pic think you must love Fringe? It is one of my favourite shows.

  5. Hi River! You missed the big International Blogger Goes AWOL Day yesterday, but your post has come through loud and clear :-)

  6. to all of you; Thank You.
    You all know I've been having issues with my computer breaking down and working sporadically, then blogger went offline for a few days, I missed the big breakdown though. What happened???

  7. Are you the River I so often communicate with? I'm confused here but so delighted to chat a while. I'm so much like you, you know 58 years old, four children, but only one and a half grandchildren.

    And those who visit here seem to be among my best blogger friends.


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