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A little snippet from our local paper, which just happens to be full of wedding day snippets, along with many full page coverages.

"17,000 Rich Tea biscuits were used in Prince William's wedding crunch cake. The British biscuit company McVites, who made William's favourite cake, also made the Queen Mother's wedding cake."

Somehow I don't think this was the eight tier official wedding cake, more likely the groom's cake.
I've heard of such things, (groom's cakes) but don't know anyone who has had one.
At weddings I've attended (all three of them)there has only been one cake.

When, where, why did this two cake thing originate?
And where can I get the recipe for this Rich Tea biscuit cake?
Because I quite like those Rich Tea biscuits.


  1. I did see a recipe for one, but I can't remember exactly where..I think it was in a Woman's Day I was reading in Gloria Jean's having coffee a couple of weeks before the wedding!! Google it??

  2. And when you find it please share it with those of us (me) who are too lazy to hunt it down.

  3. Carol; googling it is then....

    EC; of course!

  4. I've never heard of a groom's cake either, though the Daily Mail had a recipe last week for the Prince William one here:

    It sounds not unlike the "fridge cake" that we'd make when I was a kid, though we used digestives or Granita rather than tea biscuits.

  5. Marie; thanks. I'll check that out before I google.

  6. I have never heard of a grooms cake'. Maybe you misheard someone talking about Cate Middleton, saying 'she's his piece of cake'.

  7. I'm with 'Marie' - it's the 'fridge cake' one that was huge in the seventies and eighties - essentially a heap of biscuits sandwiched together with layers of cream and chocolate. 'Raw' brownies, if you will.

  8. The old fav Choc Ripple Fridge Cake, works with almost any bikkie of choice (those coffee bikkies briefly dunked in cold coffee then sandwiched with cream are delish!) and you can add extras ;)

  9. Fridge cake seems to be the consensus - I suspect ANY plain biscuits could work. My mum's recipe used milk coffee biscuits, but you had to soften them first. Then built a kind of brick wall with a chocolate mixture (no cream).

    Hope you're going to publish your findings!!!

  10. cakewrecks features many 'grooms cakes'. When featured alongside the regular wedding cake, it seems they've been made specifically so the groom gets a cake that isn't all flowery and what not, while presumably not enraging the bridge by giving her a cake she doesn't want. Often in the shape of sporting equipment, or done in darker icings. Also handy I guess if you have one party wanting something horrendous like fruit cake, while the other would like a delicious triple fudge torte.

  11. Stafford Ray; ha ha.

    Kath; I was hoping ths was the case, I have lovely memories of something very similar that my mum used to make when I was about 4-5 years old.

    Jayne; try the choc ripple cake with the bikkies dunked in Tia Maria or Kahlua, then sandwiched with chocolate cream.

    Red Nomad; After going to the site Marie listed in her comment, I have the recipe. I'll post it tomorrow.

    no-one; I haven't been to cakewrecks in ages! But now I want a delicious triple fudge torte.

  12. I have a photo of Williams cake and it's way beyond a fridge cake we'd whip up, it was glorious.
    The bride's cake was also a masterpiece.

  13. Do you remember the grooms cake in Steel magnolias???It was a grey armadillo with red velvet cake inside.............ewwwwwwwww
    grooms cakes seem to be an *american* thing.

  14. JahTeh; I've had a look at your cake pictures, William's cake certainly is drool worthy and the bride's cake is one of the prettiest I've ever seen.

    peskypixies; I haven't seen Steel Magnolias in quite a while, I remember the cake was red velvet, that seems to be a hugely popular cake in America, but I don't remember it being a grey armadillo. Red velvet is essentially a rich chocolate cake with red food colouring added to the mix. I have a recipe.


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