I'm surrounded by smiles

I've been in a really good mood for the last few days.
I'm happy.
Sometimes life just happens that way.

As I sit here, typing, reading, watching TV, I look around and see that I am surrounded by smiles.
On the walls of my lounge room there are many photos of my family.
Children, grandchilden, both husbands.
 All smiling.
 In my lounge room there's probably 300 smiles and there's a few in the bedroom too.

And I have other things that are smiling too.
Have a look-->


....of my.....


 ....are smiling.

 Drusilla, the vampire witch is smiling.

Jessy witch, who holds some of my earrings and necklaces, is smiling.

 The little witches (there's twenty of them) that live in the Witch House, are smiling.

The little garden pixies are smiling.

I'm surrounded by smiles.
Life is good.


  1. Keep on smiling.

  2. just keep smiling,just keep smiling,just keep smiling,just keep smiling,just keep smiling,just keep smiling,just keep smiling,just keep smiling,just keep smiling.

  3. LOVE dragons and their smiles. Really happy that you are in a good place.

  4. mybabyjohn; smiling is something I do well and often.

    Andrew; I love them, being a dragon lady as I am. (born in the year of the dragon)

    Peskypixies; try massing a lot of photos in one area, then when you feel a bit down, look at all the smiles.

    EC; I'm often in this good place, it's my default setting.

  5. attempt massing loads of images in a single area, then while you really feel a touch down, appearance at all of the smiles.
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