I've not worn pyjamas for many years, preferring instead to wear old fleecy tracksuits to bed. Mostly because I had so many of them and didn't see the point in buying what is officially known as pyjamas.

And I do mean old tracksuits. The ones that have been worn around the house and yard for years and are now so worn they've become very thin at the elbows, knees and bums.

The sole survivor of these old trackies is now in danger of falling apart in the next wash, so I decided it's time to buy pyjamas.

Coles has flannelette pyjamas on special, BigW has flannelette pyjamas on special, Harris Scarfe has flannelette pyjamas on special.

Do you think I could find pairs I liked? Only one.

All three stores featured garish lollipop coloured pj's with cartoon style cows, sheep, ducks, owls etc on them.
Some people might think these are cute, but not me.

The one pair I bought features tartan style checks in soft colours, very soft colours, much more soothing on the eyes when I'm in that wind down towards sleep hour.


  1. I go to bed fully clothed, just pull the covers over, in the morning I can jump straight up. And I sleep any old time, a few hours here and there.
    Us artists live funny. Cave men, that's what we are.

  2. Have you tried Sussans? I love their pj's. They are insanely soft and comfortable.

  3. I don't wear pjs either, though I keep a pair of nice cream silk ones in a drawer just in case I have to go stay in hospital (still following gran's advice after all these years).

    But I do think that the shops might stock a range of patterns. Not all of us have regressed to kindy stage all over again. With Mother's Day coming up, you'd think there would be some more variety around. At least you found one pair!

  4. R.H. I do that for my naps on the couch, but not for overnight sleeping.

    Sarah; a little out of my price range, but they are pretty.

    Marie; I used to not wear pj's, instead wearing wornout tees and trackies depending on the weather, but most of them truly fell apart ths year, so I decided on proper pj's. I've since bought two more pairs at Coles and now feel I have enough for a few years.

  5. Naps? What are they. I'm a Target leggins and t shirt girl myself

  6. Peter Alexander has the best sleepwear. I wrote to him once and said he should have poodles on his pj's and he DID IT.
    Like Baino above, I sleep in lycra leggings - they don't ride-up like jarmies do. and bedsocks.
    Night night sleep tight.

  7. I had that problem last year. Just couldn't find any pj's that I like. So I didn't buy any. And this year the situation is more desperate because I didn't buy any (I tend to buy a pair per year so I can keep them ticking over). Hoping to get to Kmarts sale on Sunday. The problem I have with sales is everything sells out and it's not like I can go back the next week to find some. :(

  8. My Felix the Cat PJs ROCK!! But yes, the legs ride up and the seams are sometimes uncomfortable ... sometimes the non-purpose-sewn clothes are the most appropriate!!!

  9. I'm a Peter Alexander Pj's gal - they come with their own matching little bag! but your soft tartan sound fine - Have just found your blog through Red Nomad - and pleased to find another Adelaide blogger although mine is mainly photos.
    Sleep tight!
    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  10. Baino; naps are when you close your eyes for more than 5 seconds in either sitting or lying positions.

    Ann O'Dyne; Peter Alexander is another out of my budget; nice clothes though.

    Kightening; my problem with sales is the size I need often sells out leaving midget or giant on the shelf.

    Red Nomad; see, this is part of my problem. I couldn't sleep with Felix all over my pj's. I don't have any ride-up problems, I only get that with nighties, which is why I NEVER buy them.

    Dianne; welcome to drifting. I tend to use a lot of photos too, since I'm often stumped for wordy subjects. I'll have a look at your blog.


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