we've all seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge

It looks like this>>>>

 in brochures...

 on postcards....

 in magazines....

 newspaper articles....

and tourists photo albums.

But how often do you see the other side, the underbelly?
The structural parts that make up the whole?

 Upright supports.

 Maintenance vehicle.

I think this is the cage for maintenance workers to access the framework.

 More strong supports.

 The underside of the bridge.

 The straight bit leading onto, or off, the bit under the arch of our famous "coathanger".

Symmetry. Support. Strength.


  1. These are beautiful pictures!

  2. We don't think of it as being such a complex structure, but as per your photos, we can see that it is.

  3. Great images, it's always fun to see how things work as well as their "public persona".
    I love walking around the Bridge every time we go to Sydney.

  4. The actual "hardware" is more impressive than the "pretty" shots

  5. Toni; thanks. I love the parts that make up the whole.

    Andrew; it's complexity is what I like best.

    Eccentricess; I don't get to Sydney often; I suppose once in 27 years would be considered rarely; so I don't see enough of the bridge and the harbour.

    mybabyjohn; thanks. I prefer the structural images too.

  6. That's a good one! It is always interesting to see what's under. Human engineering.

  7. Hi River,

    Been to the top of that thing. It is beautiful and Australians must be proud - but it scared me half to death.

    next time I am in Oz I shall admire it from the Rocks - preferably from the comfort of a pub.




  8. I was so looking forward to seeing the bridge on our quick stay in Sydney and was kinda disappointed with how drab it looked (although it was a drizzly day). I think a quick coat of paint would do it the world of good, don't you? Bwwahaahaa. Wonder how many years that would take to achieve?

    Love your perspective!

  9. Wow! I love those pictures. Love the angles. It's fascinating. I'd love to do the bridge walk thing - I'm sure I'd be terrified, but it would be such a great experience.


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