Look at what I bought in Coles

Singapore Orchids.
In the most unusual blue-purple-aqua colours.

Aren't they gorgeous?
I rarely buy cut flowers for myself, I'm allergic to so many that having flowers inside means putting them out in the cold every night so that I can sleep and they just don't last long with that kind of treatment.
But I'd never seen this colour before and since I had dark blue and aqua in my curtain fabric I thought they'd look good in my lounge room.
And they do.


  1. Beautiful. And they last for weeks and weeks. We have some burgundy ones inside. I took some really lovely green ones up to the smaller portion but the hospital temperatures killed them v quickly.

  2. Are they really that colour or are they dyed? I often buy Iris at coles actually and Lilies they last really well in the cool weather

  3. EC; I'm not sure how long these will last, some of the unopened buds have already dropped off.

    Baino; I don't know if that's the true colour or not, there were other bunches with just purple blooms, a stunning deep purple, but I've no idea if the colours are natural.

  4. P.S. Baino; I can't buy the Lilies, I'm highly allergic to the pollen and actually cringe when I see them coming through my checkout. If it's at all possible I'll have someone else take over and serve that particular customer. If the flower buds are still closed I don't have a problem.

  5. Such unusual colours I assumed they were fake!

  6. Those are lovely. I can't take flowers in the house either.

  7. Stunning colours and they do blend in nicely with your curtains from what i see in the first photo :-).

  8. they are stunning!!!!!

  9. sleepydwarf; I sold more bunches of these today in yellow shades.

    Red Nomad; I'm wondering if the colours are fake, maybe they're dyed somehow, they're just so brilliant. But they're lovely just the same.

    mybabyjohn; it's nice to know I'm not the only one that suffers this way.

    Windsmoke; thanks.

    peskypxies; the plain coloured orchids are just as stunning.

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