dust and fluff

Ever noticed how dust and fluff come in selective colours?

If you have a pale carpet and light coloured furnishings, the dust is brown or black.
If you have a dark carpet the dust and fluff that collects or falls is white.

Pilling on white clothing is always dark, so it's highly visible.
Pilling on dark clothing is always white, so it's highly visible.
Both mean careful shaving with a twin blade razor or lint remover.

Dust bunnies under beds and in corners are always grey.


  1. And I seem to recall that someone did a scientific study which proved that belly-button lint was always blue.

  2. EC; I don't seem to get belly button lint, but blue? Seriously? Hmmm. I would have thought white, although I can't say why.

  3. The point is, the darn stuff is there. On floors, under beds, on furniture. The question is how to get someone else to clean it up for free and without argument. When you have that figured out let me know.

  4. I have not noticed the colour of the fluff, lint and dust that is everywhere since we lit the combustion fire two weeks ago River. I do know there is so much more cleaning, especially as the sin shines through the double set os French doors out of our living room.

  5. mybabyjohn; free is the thing. Even kids won't do it unless bribed with extra pocket money or brownies.

    Cheryl; I manage to ignore it most of the time, but now and again the cleaning bug strikes and I find myself dusting everything including ceilings, for heaven's sake!!


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