photo post

This is the first photo post on my new computer. Crossed fingers....

 This is the Squash Court on The Parade at Norwood SA.

 The Odeon Star. This building is now a restaurant.

The umbrellas that shade the flower stall in the Norwood Mall.

Worked well; Uncrosses fingers......


  1. Yeay for the new PC. And for River.

  2. EC; thank you. Next task, connect the printer and hope it works....I have the original installation disc if I need it.

  3. I love the squash court figures!!!

    Yah for the new puter!!!!

  4. They came out crystal clear this end, well done :-).

  5. Hi River (emerging briefly from the flurry of packing and panicking) - I used to LOVE those squash guys right from the 1970s when we'd pass by them on our way to Nanna and Grandpa's right to 2008 when Norwood became my shopping strip. Looks like they've been repainted though, which is good.

  6. peskypixies; I'm so happy everything is working well here. Tomorrow I'm going to try uploading photos from my camera to my pictures files.

    Windsmoke; thank you

    Kath; They've been there that long? Have they always been orange?
    Have you tried packing without panicking? It's much less headache inducing....although the panicking without packing option doesn't accomplish much.

  7. River, congratulations on getting it up up and running again. That must be a huge relief.

    This post is a real trip down memory lane for me. I love The Parade. Yes, the squash guys have been there FOREVER. I used to see them on my way to school in the 1960s so they've been there that long. The building used to be painted that pale hospital ward green and the men were white back then. It was a bit of a shock to see them brown and orange! Isn't that a bit 1970s? I got my first professional job next door to that squash building in a twee looking red brick office doing conveyancing work. And is "The Chairman" still there? I bought my outdoor setting from them.

    I used to go to The Odeon on Saturday mornings to see the flicks when I was a kid. We lived at Kensington Gardens, so we caught the bus there and back. Sometimes we went to the Chelsea if dad was home to drive us, otherwise it was the Odean matinee. My son went to school at St Ignatius', so I often had coffee in that café with other mums while we were waiting for school to get out.

    I never really shopped that much at Norwood Mall as I didn't like Woolies and I found the mall area a bit off putting. I usually went to Coles at Burnside Village and then Central Market for fruit, veggies, fish etc as I worked just across the road. But it looks like they have added a bit of shade now, which was badly needed.

    Thank you for that lovely trip down memory lane.

  8. I like how you see things through your view-finder. Sorry to read you've had such a ruddy awful time of it, computer wise, but I'm glad you finally got it sorted out. Bit alarming how much we rely on them now, I suppose..

  9. Marie; I'll post a few photos of what Norwood Mall looks like now, Coles is there instead of Woolies, and Norwood place across the Parade has changed so much you won't recognise it. The Post Office is still there but a bit bigger, ditto the fishmonger and the butcher. Everything else is changed.

    Being Me; I'm happy with the new computer now that I'm working things out, it really is very simple.


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