Shopping Centre part two

Today's photos are of the Norwood Mall, across the road from Norwood Place which featured yesterday.

But first:- the entrance to Norwood Place, the photo I couldn't find yesterday.

 This photo, and the next one showing the Norwood Mall entrance were taken in the early hours one day, around 6-6.30am.

 Norwood Mall, Parade entrance.

Looking through the Mall, towards the Parade.

 On the left, Beads on Parade, Vego to Go. Notice the big blue gate? There are 5 sets of these to completely close off the mall at night. Locked and padlocked.

 Chocolates on Parade has excellent fudge, but not as good as the one I make myself.

 Dillons Newsagency is still there, although much expanded now and with new owners.

 Who doesn't remember Duffy's Bakery? With the best pasties in Norwood. The kitchener buns are yummy too.

 Escape Travel, where the grungy old toilet block used to be.

 Norwood Fine Foods, where I (very) occasionally buy miniature apple pies.

 Mall Meats are still there...

 as is the Pasta Chef, but now a Smokemart has joined us....bleh!

 Coke Park at the end of the Mall has been recently refurbished and looks much nicer.

Finally, Coles, smack bang where Woolworths used to be.

There you have it. The main supermarket areas in Norwood.

Many other shops are along The Parade, I'll feature those another day.


  1. Loved the pepper pasties at Duffy's and the friendly bloke who runs Pasta Chef.... *sigh*

  2. I demand you share your fudge recipe. Please x

  3. I noticed that there is a creeper or creepers running riot on the roof of the mall that's a good idea :-).

  4. The mall has changed out of all recognition. That roof has made a huge difference. It used to be a grubby sort of place - too sunny in summer and a wet, cold and slippery in winter. Why do they lock it up at night? Was vandalism a problem?

    I used to occasionally buy spinach slices at Duffy's, but my pasties were always from Perryman's on Tynte Street. I'm happy to see that Dillons is still there - they were always very well stocked and busy. The other places I remember was a dentist (facing the carpark towards Edward Street) and a beautician behind Duffy's. There was a lolly shop next to Dillons and a café (Uncle Albert's? Or Aunt Nellie's?) behind the fruit and veggie shop on the Parade end of the mall. And an A&R book shop at the same end.

    Pasta Chef I don't know, so that must have moved in after I left, though I do remember the butcher shop. And of course Coles was Woolworths back then as well. None of the other shops are familiar and I can't think of what used to be opposite Woolies at the Coke Street end of the mall. I like it that there are tables and chairs there now - it used to be just a few sad planter boxes and empty space where people loitered.

    I'm pleased they ditched those toilets - they really were awful as were the shops in that back area (a bulk "healthfood" place and a shop selling soap I think). And the back entrance to a building society and a chemist.

    The playground looks great. It was opened with a big flourish, but I never really saw it being used much. I'd take my two there sometimes on a nice day if we had shopped in the area - they'd have a drink and a snack in the park as a treat for being good while I shopped.

    I still remember being part of the protest group to save that big Morton Bay tree that is the playground's centrepiece. The developers wanted to pull it down, but a group of us, organised by my friend Rae Crafter (who was married to Norwood's local MP Greg Crafter and who lived in Edward Street behind the playground) whipped up local support to have the tree retained. It was quite a fight, but there were enough of us in the legal, development, political and media field involved that they did eventually cave in - then made it sound like a feather in THEIR cap :-) Great memories...

  5. Kath; I loved the fact that I could get pepper-free pasties at Duffy's and I like their little zucchini frittatas too.

    Sarah; will do, soonish.

    Windsmoke; the creepers have always been there. When renovations were going on, they were removed and stored, then replanted as soon as possible after. It took a while for them to recover.

    Marie; The roof doesn't fully cover the Mall, so there is still wet parts when it rains, disappointing really. I think it's locked up at night to stop bikers and skateboarders, also graffiti artists. The Pasta Chef did get broken into once, they ripped out his entire cash register and took off with it.
    The dentist is still there and Uncle Albert's too, bigger now and very popular still.
    Other shops that are still there are Angus & Robertson's bookshop, also much bigger now, the bulk health food place and the soap shop, the chemist, building society and the jeweller.
    Across from Coles is a Gloria Jean's cafe too, I don't remember what used to be there. I'd been in the area less than a year before things started changing and was working at WestLakes Coles, 2 long bus trips daily. I was pleased to be able to transfer once Coles opened there.
    The toilets have been incorporated into the bigger building and are around the back of it, disappointingly there are still only ywo stalls in the ladies, one is often out of order...thank goodness the other mall (place) across the road has plenty of toilets.
    I don't recall a Moreton Bay fig tree in the park, I'll have to have a look on Monday after work.


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