mary mary quite contrary

Yep, that's me.
Contrary Mary.
 I said I was giving up on the gardening for a while after such a disappointing season.
But then I went to the hardware store for some lawn beetle/grub poison and what did I see?
A punnet of overgrown potbound seedlings. Brassicas! Yum!
And only 4 dollars! Because they were overdue for planting.
Large punnet it was, with six individual pots each containing two seedlings.
So altogether 4 cabbages, 4 cauliflowers, 4 broccoli. With a spare broccoli hiding under the biggest one.
I brought it home and it sat in the shady section for a few days.
Today when I got home from work it was still lovely and sunny, so I planted all the seedlings (which are actually too big to be called seedlings), in the tubs which had previously held tomatoes and capsicums.
Watered them in and now I'm hoping they survive and grow.


  1. I think you should have used fresh potting mix.

  2. I love planting veggies and waiting to see my work! We had a garden my whole life growing up and I just loved it.

    Oh and P.S. those pics were taken just seconds after those tattoos were done for Katie and I so they are red but no bruising! You can do it! :)

  3. What are brassicas? Last time I planted vegies, Jazz ate them all as they were growing (bloody dog!) so I am waiting - much as I don't want to wait - until I can get something rigged up in an area of the yard she can't reach. Hope yours survive and grow, as you say!

  4. Our garden is covered in dried autumn leaves so it's hard to imagine any fresh plantings. It's great to change your mind, the sign of a flexible personality.

  5. R.H. I don't have any, but I've added a booster fertiliser and some Dynamic Lifter.

    Jennifer; I love eating stuff I've grown myself. Definitely no tattoos for me.

    Being Me; brassica is the "family" name that covers veggies such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts.

    Elisabeth; Plant in amongst the leaves, they'll act as mulch and keep the frost off too.

  6. I hope they grow, too! I know I wouldn't know the first thing about all this.

  7. There really is nothing better than home grown veggies and I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have been able to walk past a bargain like that either. All of those veggies are ones that I love, so I hope you have a bumper crop.

  8. Old potting mix harbours disease, that's my experience. People who get themselves tattooed aren't awfully bright, that's my experience too.

  9. Four bucks - it was destiny that you'd return to gardening again! :)

  10. You're a green thumb at heart that loves a good bargain as well :-).

  11. Yummo. Gardening is good and edible gardening is better.

  12. You can't fight the green thumb can you? Looking forward to the pics x

  13. Marie; any crop at all would be welcome.

    R.H. my daughter would be offended. She has many tattoos and her IQ is near genius level. I'm pretty sure my potting mix is okay, it's only one season old.

    Kath; destiny steps in again.

    Windsmoke;Born and raised a bargain shopper! The green thumbs come and go.

    EC; Edible gardening is the best kind, especially when produce in the shops is so expensive.

    Sarah; I try to fightit, but like Kath said, destiny keeps stepping in.

  14. Rabbits, cutworms, millipedes, cabbage moths, possums, red spider mite. All I have to do is find out how to rid the garden of these, and my crop might stand a chance!!

  15. I got tattoos aged sixteen, before I became a genius. Getting them removed in my thirties was agonising, and crippling.

    The resulting scars are ugly, but the tattoos were more ugly; a sign of stupidity.

    Any person tattooing someone under the age of twenty-one years should receive ten years jail. Exactly ten years.

    Parents with genius children are common.
    My daughter is a genius too.


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