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We all know that I have been having issues with my much treasured laptop.
It's almost my best friend. Almost.
I've had this thing four and a half years and it has been a constant companion, bringing me friends and news from all over the world.

But enough is enough.
Breakdowns, viruses, turning itself off unexpectedly and's just too much.
The last few weeks have been hair-tearingly frustrating.

So when I saw that Harvey Norman was having a 30% off all computers sale, I sprung into action.

I'd already begun saving towards a new laptop, so scrounged cash from every possible source, added it to my savings envelope and went shopping.
Got a great deal on the computer I'd been saving towards, ($300 off), a sweet little Toshiba Satellite. 640GB hard drive and 4GB RAM.
And it's small enough to fit into my biggest handbag!

I took it to no-one's house and she helped me set it up with her broadband connection.
Because that's so much faster than my dial-up.
I'll be buying a mobile broadband usb thingy as soon as my budget recovers.....

Then I asked no-one to put up the test post you all saw yesterday while I watched as she did it.
Looks easy......
So I had a little play around, familiarising myself with the icons, finding out which ones opened my documents and picture files, then I went home.

And couldn't connect to the internet.
Oh No!!!

Clicked on the "diagnose connection problems" that popped up and discovered that my regular phone line is the wrong one.
My new laptop needs an "ethernet cable".

So this post and the Sunday Selections I'll be doing later is on the old laptop, and I'll be buying the correct cable from Officeworks as soon as it opens later today.  Probably need some sort of adaptor too......


  1. Soooo frustrating. Hope it all comes good in the end.

  2. Ah very frustrating. I need a laptop too, my old Mac is on its last legs and crashing quite a lot. if you have a wireless USB you won't need an ethernet cable at all. Dodo have a good deal as long as you're in an area with reliable wireless. Me? I'm just outside the broadband limit so have to live with 1.5mg upload . . agonising when uploading pics.

  3. I hate computers and love them all at the same time! I swear I just bought my laptop three years ago and already it's acting like it's ready to retire. Boo.

    Glad to have you back!!!

  4. Nice to see you back!!!!

    bummer about your puter probs.........

  5. I have Three/Vodafone Mobile Broadband Internet USB Modem with 2GB of usage for $29.00 per month on a 2 year contract, i'll be signing up again when it expires it's very reliable indeed. You won't need a cable with this type of set up :-).

  6. EC; all good now.

    Baino; I tried the ethernet cable but optusnet just refused to connect, so I installed the Dodo usb I'd bought just in case.

    Jennifer; I don't hate computers, I get frustrated at my lack of knowledge, but I'm doing okay with a little help from no-one.

    peskypixies; it's good to be back. It will take me forever to catch up on everyone though.

    Windsmoke; I now have a Dodo pre-paid usb installed. They seem to offer the best deals and my dial up optusnet is letting me down by refusing to connect to my lovely new laptop.

  7. I think I'd be screaming! Why does it have to be so darn complicated? This cable, that cable, this port, that port. It's like trying to figure out a foreign language. There's nothing worse that tech problems and not knowing what to do about them. I find myself getting so frustrated at my lack of knowledge about them. I'm lucky in that L-G's son is a computer whizz and that he's been happy to help untangle the messes I've made of my computer. I always feel relief when Micke takes over and so I know my computer will be well looked after.

    Mine has extra protection now, but I think there is little thwarting of the horrid viruses and Trojans that occasionally mess it up to be achieved in the long run. One just has to live with the possibility and be vigilant.

    And I didn't know you had dial-up! You are a saint. I could not live without fast broadband. I do hope you get laptop, cables and your IP talking and playing nicely together soon.

  8. Marie; my go to person for sorting out hitches is no-one. She's such a clever one! Gets anyhting up and running with barely a glance at instruction books. She's always patient with me too and for that I'm very grateful.
    Got the whole thing sorted now, have mobile pre-paid broadband.


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