I did something last weekend that I haven't done in years.
No, really, it's been years!

I polished my furniture.
This is something that I used to do almost on a weekly basis.
Since moving here though, it's mostly been dust and wipe off spills.
No polishing.

Well, last Friday I was doing a little grocery shopping and found myself in the cleaning aisle where I spotted the cans of Mr Sheen.
 Did you know there's a "Citrus Shine" variety now? I didn't.
Aha! I thought. Lemony. I like lemon fragrance. I think I'll try it.

I spent Saturday going from room to room, clearing surfaces and polishing like I was expecting visitors.
But you know what? The Citrus Shine stuff smells a bit like insecticide. Not a lot, just faintly.
Maybe there is an ingredient added to deter termites and other wood loving creepy crawlies? Wood lice?

But I'm getting quite a bit of satisfaction looking around at softly gleaming surfaces that have been crying out for polish for way too long.
So I'll keep using it. But maybe once this can is empty I'll switch back to the "Original" fragrance.


  1. I hope the smell dosen't linger too long and make you sick :-).

  2. Serves you right for being a smartipants and boasting to us (non houseworkers) so we'll feel guilty.
    After reading this I looked at my coffee table and the dust is rising in height, shame to disturb it.

  3. A horrible thing happens with dusting - once an object's been dusted it seems to need it more and more to keep looking as good until dusting finally takes over your life!!!

    Of course there's a very simple way to deal with that ...

  4. A good layer of dust beats a post it note anyday.

  5. wow... I can't get my surfaces cleaned off (too much stuff!) let alone polish 'em. Good job!

  6. Windsmoke; the smell was gone almost immediately, I really only noticed it with the first spray.

    JahTeh; I promise I won't do it too often....

    Red Nomad; not much danger of dusting becoming a regular thing. I'm too lazy these days.

    mybabyjohn; good point!

    Happy Elf; this is a good thing. If you can't see the surface, you won't know it needs polish.

  7. I need to give my home a good polish on the weekend. Hoping I'll be up and at em and get everything gleaming. I think I'll use the original one though.


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