so frustrating

I've been having a little trouble with Blogger. (again)
I'm prompted to sign in, but when I do, I just continually get bounced back to the sign in page.
So I ignore signing in and go straight to reading comments on my latest post.
Then of course, I want to reply to these.
But Blogger isn't recognising me.......

My comment reply comes up as anonymous, with a word verification, which I enter, then up pops the same window with the same comment replies and a different word to verify.
Over and over and over........

So back I go to the sign in page and click on "help"
Eventually work my way through several clues to reset my password, then through another stage to reset my email address, which has changed but not been recognised by Blogger, probably because I didn't do the correct steps for that......but I thought that changing it in my profile settings was all that was necessary.

Anyway, I'm hoping that all of these things that I have just done results in me once more being able to sign in, leave comments, which I haven't been able to do on several of my favourite blogs, and also to leave comment replies on my own blog.

Fingers crossed. Legs too. Hoping....hoping....


  1. I too have had problems. I have learnt when it is not your fault, don't change anything and all will be right in time.

  2. Andrew; I'm hoping it fixes itself before I tear out all my hair. Frustration really does me in.

  3. Andrew; I just now changed one little thing. On the sign in page where it says stay signed in and the box is checked; I unchecked it and finally I'm signed in. Quite weird.

  4. That would be because the 'stay signed in' section was recognizing your old details, not the new ones.

  5. no-one; of course! That makes sense now that you mention it.

    Windsmoke; I usually try and fix stuff, even though it frustrates the heck out of me when things I try don't work.


  6. What a curse it is to be a technophobe in a world of bright young things born with a mobile in one hand and an iPad in the other and an instinctive knowledge of how to use them!!

    Changing my blog template is as big as it gets for me!!

  7. Same thing happened to me all day!!! Dang you Blogger...get it together.

  8. You successfully left a message on my blog so it looks like things are sorting themselves out. The problem I was having seems to have resolved itself as well. I guess we can't complain too too much when something is free, yes?

  9. I found a hint from Cate.."KeepCateBusy"..and it works most of the time. Just remember to sign your name at the end of the comment when you do it. The hint is to select 'anonymous' instead of 'google' when you select profile..Naturally Carol xox

  10. Hi River,

    Blogger has been a right royal pain in the backside this last month or two. I've had the same trouble as you in the past and I did absolutely nothing to reolve it - it sorted itself out.

    I'm going to start referring to it as Buggy Blogger if this keeps up. Give me the source code - I'll sort it out!




  11. I have a blogger site and never had that problem, I only have problem with my wordpress blog.

  12. Jayne; I hate to leave things unsorted.

    Red Nomad; I haven't ever changed my template, I'm happy with the calm blue and green.

    Jennifer Kay; so it's not just me then...

    mybabyjohn; blogger seems to be being picky about where I can leave comments.

    Anonymous Carol; but I don't want to be anonymous, I want to be River!! and I don't see why there's an issue now when there hasn't been for the past year.

    Plasman; source code? I ahve no idea what that is.

    Kill Weed; welcome to drifting. I've only had this problem in the last few days. I hope it gets sorted soon. Others I know have used Blogger for years and never had any trouble.

    All; this is me "anonymous" River.


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