mini update

I wanted to be sure my printer would work with this new computer, so I hunted up the original installation disc, just in case I needed it.
I didn't.
All I did was connect the printer and a few seconds later a small window popped up saying my device was connected and ready to use.
So I printed something, just to be sure.
Worked just fine.
Yay me!


  1. Aint it awesome when things just go right!

  2. Baino; even more awesome when I don't have to actually do anything to install it. I connected and that was it.

    frogpondsrock; tomorrow I'm going to try uploading photos from my camera to my pictures file.

  3. Sounds like a learning curve River. I took advantage of a deal in which I got new printer plus, plus, plus, plus for $1 extra when I purchased the computer. Problem being that I have no idea how to transfer internet favourites to new pc so it goes unused. Ugh!!

  4. I think you are on a lucky roll. You'd better go out and buy a lottery ticket while it lasts :-)

  5. Pat yourself on the back, your on a roll, try for a hat trick :-).

  6. Chez; a new pc sitting unused? If you connect it to the internet and type in your blog name, all your favourites should be still listed in your side bar. Any other favourites listed in your favourites list; just type the addresses on your new pc, then add them to a new favourites list.

    Marie; I had a couple of tickets in the last draw, a big one for $21m, won nothing....

    Windsmoke; just rolling along, like a river.

  7. Isn't it a marvel when electronic things work on the first try. Computers are always a puzzle to me and right now I'm trying to figure out something new. I suppose I'll have to call for my computer guru. Drat.

  8. Whoo hoo! It's still utterly surprising to all of us when things - esp electronic things - actually work without a hitch. Good onyer!


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