blogger (or someone) is eating my comments

I've read a few blogs tonight, left a comment here and there...but on some of those blogs, the comments have vanished into thin air.

I type it into the box, click on "post comment" or "submit", then *poof* the comment disappears.


A couple of times, I've retyped the comment, only to have that one disappear also.
It's most annoying.

So I'm putting this up because I don't want any of you, my lovely readers, to think that I'm purposely avoiding or ignoring you.

I would never do that.
Unless I was ill and therefore totally disinterested in anything that isn't a bed.


  1. I had that happen a couple of times yesterday. Blogger is under construction so maybe they are having problems.

  2. So far, I've had no problem but have heard others say the same thing about comments this last week or so. If I make a lengthy comment, I copy it before publishing because with my weak Internet connection I often lose it. Blogger can be frustrating at times.

  3. I hate that. And it most often happens to me when I've written a novel of a comment too. I really wish Blogger would update their comments system.

  4. Hi River,

    Its Blogger and it does this from time to time.

    And its a pain.

    I hope this comment makes it ...




  5. I am having it happen very often. Not sure that they are all blogger blogs, and have just had to assume that they have disappeared for approval *fingers crossed*

  6. Knock on wood, I haven't had it happen to me recently. Blogger does seem prone to having the odd hissy fit though.

  7. Delores; something somewhere is always under construction. It's called progress I believe, but sometimes I wonder...

    Rubye Jack; I've never copied a comment, I usually rely on memory if I have to retype something. Mostly though I just say bugger it and click away.

    Zoey; maybe it's the comments system they're working on this time.

    Plasman; comments are coming in here just fine, it's comments I leave on other blogs that are disappearing as I press submit.

    permanently amanda; I didn't think to notice if it was just Blogger blogs.

    EC; Hissy fits should only be allowed when the whole world shuts down. That would be never....


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