I planned on getting out and about today

so of course it's raining.

I'll still go out and pay my rent, but I don't know about the other stuff.
They can all wait for a dry day.

So here I am on the couch with my feet up, talking to all my friends.

I could do some housework.....I should vacuum the floors....the kitchen floor needs a mop over.....

Oh, wait!
Grocery shopping!
I'm out of icecream!
Need some milk too.....and bread......I don't think there's any vegetables in the fridge either.
Well, there is one onion.

Damn, gotta go out in the rain after all.
Bye now.


  1. Just when you'd like a nice quiet day curled up with a hot drink.

  2. I hate the weather today. Wet and humid together are my mortal enemy.

    Your list of shops to visit does sound very enticing though:)

  3. No rain here. And I would like it. Hope your shopping went well.

  4. Not a drop here, rather warmish.I'll lend you the weather while you're shopping ;)

  5. Haha ... amazing how the idea of 'essentials' makes you do stuff you wouldn't otherwise do!!

  6. No rain here either just a warm sunny day with a northerly wind which dried my washing before midday :-).

  7. Been an awful day, hasnt it. Made me want to crawl back into bed. Dog had other ideas.

  8. Food comes first, rain hail or shine.

  9. Delores; curled up with a hot drink? I'll take that over housework anyday.

    Sarah; Wet I don't mind so much. Humidity can go back to the hell it came from. I actually phoned Ikea to see what their delivery fee is, because I want a couple of things that I just can't carry on a bus, $65. Hmmm, no thanks.

    EC; I took a nap after grocery shopping and woke up to sunny blue skies, maybe it's headed your way.

    Jayne; it wasn't too wet, more of a sprinkle really, and dry inside the shops.

    Red Nomad; the essentials always get us out of bed don't they?

    Windsmoke; hah! my washing is still damp. I hung it on the camping line in the back porch because of the rain, it won't dry until tomorrow unless I put it in the dryer and I really don't want to. It's just work clothes anyway, don't need those until Monday.

    Cate; dogs just don't understand sleep-ins do they? But wasn't that blue sky pretty after the grey morning.

    Elisabeth; It was the icecream I had to get, and milk for my coffee, so I thought I might as well get the veg while I was there.

  10. You may not agree with this seeing as you work in a supermarket River, but I quite enjoy grocery shopping. But *only* when I'm not in a hurry and able to read labels, look at the specials etc.

    Just returned from my FIRST drive across the border to LeClerc in France. Cheaper groceries but huge crowds. I 'rewarded' myself with a chunky kit-kat for venturing out in the cold and surviving it all :)

  11. Kath; I do enjoy grocery shopping, it's so different from being on the other side of the register. I just had so many other plans and then it rained so I got settled on the couch before suddenly remembering I had to pay the rent and there was NO icecream left.
    Congratulations on driving across the border. By yourself?


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